Limescale in the tap filter that won’t go away in any way? So you get rid of them forever

Limestone faucet filter

Limescale in the tap filter: how to get rid of it once and for all

From small gestures we have the opportunity to change things for the better. Let’s find out which techniques to put into practice in order to obtain a fantastic natural limescale remover . Vinegar is not always sufficient, especially if the encrustations are particularly stubborn. Therefore, try to do regular cleaning. A few minutes of your day are enough and the surfaces will shine again.

Water comes out of faucet tap

If the results still leave something to be desired, resort to an infallible method, from which vinegar is excluded. First, get a bowl and pour a handful of baking soda into it . Yes, that same bicarbonate of soda that we often suggest on our pages. The reason is easy to say: it boasts an extraordinary cleaning effect, capable of “removing chestnuts from the fire” in countless circumstances. Furthermore, it is environmentally friendly, so you will be able to get by with great peace of mind. Now add a little water and mix until you get a thick mixture.


Apply the preparation on the limescale deposits and leave to act for about half an hour. After that, rinse the taps with warm water and you’re done. You will notice for yourself the validity of the methodology. The result will leave you speechless: the limescale encrustations will have disappeared without leaving a trace! As an alternative to baking soda, salt is also fine .