Lush geranium with this natural method: the trick is revealed

Having lush geraniums is very easy with this natural method that everyone tries. Here’s what you need to make this homemade fertilizer.

geranium makeup

Geraniums are very colorful flowers that bring a lot of joy  . They are very easy to maintain because they are very resistant. In fact, these do not require special care. They don’t need a lot of water and thrive in temperatures ranging from 15 to 25°C. They cannot tolerate very hot temperatures.

But in reality there are different species of geraniums since there are those that come from the mountains that do not like the sun and prefer shady areas and those that are of Caucasian origin that prefer them. In any case, as we said at the beginning, this plant does not have many claims to grow healthy and luxuriant  .

super lush geraniums thanks to natural fertilizer

An important aspect is the soil and fertilizer used  . The advice is to choose a natural one that helps the plant to always be lush. But what can we make this fertilizer with? Below we will see how to make one with a very common vegetable.

Natural fertilizer for geraniums – this is what you need

As we have said, geraniums are plants that do not require much care but the choice of fertilizer is very important. Now we’ll see how to make an all-natural one with just a vegetable and a little water  . It will take very little to do it and you can too.

What you will need to make this natural fertilizer for geraniums is beets  . In general, these are often used outside of cooking as a natural coloring or in the herb field. In fact, it has many benefits for the body that can also be attributed to plants.


Beetroot contains vitamin C, mineral salts, folic acid and its intake is recommended by experts. For this reason, this vegetable is also useful for making plants grow and flower. It works real miracles because it also recovers plants in very poor condition.

What you will need to make this natural fertilizer is a beet, 1 L of warm water, a 1 liter jar with a lid. You  will then have to cut the beetroot into pieces, put it inside the jar and pour lukewarm water over it  . At this point,  leave the pot in a warm place for about 4 days  .

Lush geraniums thanks to beets

After the days, take the jar and filter the mixture, separating the liquid from the solid parts. At this point you may be thinking about pouring the compost into the plants, but no, there is still one more step to take. This beetroot solution should be diluted with water in a ratio of 1:5  . Then 1 L of beetroot solution and 5 L of water.

You can now pour the fertilizer into your plants under the leaves and flowers. You will immediately see the results with colorful flowers and new blooms thanks to the properties of beetroot  . Additionally, it is a natural product that does absolutely no harm to humans or animals.