Match tip: Unbelievable, Why you should absolutely plant matches in your pots?

To avoid various gardening problems, planting matches is effective. This trick scares away gnats.

In fact, the gnats move away because of this.
And this is very beneficial for your plants. Even after caring for your plants, they do not grow properly. The problem may be caused by pests and midges.

These parasites invade the plants.

This tip can help you get rid of midge attacks.

The match method
This method consists of planting a dozen matches in your pot or on the ground in a circle. Then water your plants. Change the matches after one week.
For continued effectiveness, use this routine to keep gnats away.
Aside from pests and midges, nutrient and mineral deficiencies can hinder plant development. This is essential when you plant plants.
To remedy this lack, you can plant matches in the pots. This method enriches the plant substrate. You can then do without chemical fertilizers.

The match releases elements such as :
Phosphorus sulfide
Potassium chlorate
Ferric oxide
These elements strengthen the roots of the plants and enrich the soil at the same time. Also, the match promotes the production of chlorophyll.
Indeed, this solution allows to enrich the plant substrate. Thus, you no longer need to use chemical fertilizers. By releasing its elements such as phosphorus sulfide, potassium chlorate, magnesium and ferric oxide, the match enriches the soil and strengthens the roots of your plants. But it also promotes the production of chlorophyll.

How should matches be used in pots?
Depending on the size of your flower pot, use 10 to 20 matches in the soil. You should form a circle around the plant. The head of each match should be at the bottom and well buried. They should be placed a little away from the stem so as not to damage the roots.
The matches can also be dipped into the watering can. The heads will be dissolved in the water, it is a good fertilizer for the plants.

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