Matt parquet shines and shines again with a handful on the floor

Learn the tricks of the trade to solve the problem of dull wooden floors and leave them as bright and shiny as before. Just a few precautions, that’s how it is.

Matter Boden
Parquet is a floor

in wood , which undoubtedly brings

adds warmth and style to any room . However, with

Losses may occur with daily use

of his brilliance and brilliance . Luckily there are several

Methods to give back

to their hardwood floors

Splendor of bygone times . We see.

Cleaning matt parquet

The first thing to do is

to clean it properly

Parquet. You can do this with a

broom or

use a vacuum cleaner to remove

dirtiness ,

animal hair and

the rubble of

Cracks in the ground. For

remove stubborn stains

, you can use a

specific cleaner for

Parquet following the

Instructions on the packaging.

However, be careful when using it

Cleaning supplies _

highly concentrated. Acids or abrasives , as these can damage the parquet


scraping and smoothing

After you have cleaned the floor , this is necessary

to scratch it

Smooth the entire surface and

remove all

Traces of color. This can be done with a

Belt sander , as well as a

special edge grinder .

matt parquet

, you may consider using a

scraper for

Finer sanding, but this solution takes time

more time than using a

Grinder and is too

more strenuous . _ If the

Have parquet boards

small gaps in between, that can be the case

corrected by inserting small wooden sticks

Patches . Use

Industrial glue , all you need is

to fit them into the grooves and

to smooth them with one

Hand Brush . Optionally you can

Refine the sticks

by smoothing them

that they adapt perfectly to the

Space to fill.

Sanding and cleaning a dull parquet floor
In this stadium,

We sand the floor again and continue for a while

perpendicular to

Wood grain . Once the entire area

sanded, we continue

Wood grinding

parallel to create it

More smooth . Then we pass that

sanding tape _

the thinnest follows each board

individually to get one

smooth surface. Now, we have to

sweep perpendicular to the boards


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instead of trying along them

Fill gaps .

remaining holes with

sawdust . For the same reason we don’t strive for it

before painting

to ensure that we

that the sawdust stays in the


Before you continue with this

Painting , single layer

A preparatory primer should be applied to help

Paint should adhere better

parquet . After waiting for the

The drying time stated on the primer pot

, you can continue

Applying the varnish itself, with

a brush or

Short hair roller . There

The color should be evenly distributed

and with

decisive movements , avoiding leaving areas

too full or

too exposed . Finally, the first coat again

Once dry, you can sand the first layer of wood and then sand the entire floor with sandpaper until you get a smooth and even result.

The polishing of

Parquet is the operation

basic so that it

shines and shines again. This can be done with a

professional polisher or with one

hand polisher and a

Polishing agent. Before you start this

phase , but it’s good

Clean the floor thoroughly and make sure it is clean

completely dry . Parquet oil is a

natural solution for restoring this type of parquet

its former glory

. The

Oil fillings _ _

cracks in the ground,

provides moisture and moisture to the wood

protects against

Tasks .

matt parquet
Parquet oil can be applied

manually or with one

Polisher . Definitely it’s important

Apply it evenly and let it work

dry completely beforehand

walk on the floor .

More tips
Even after work

demanding , we will have received one

bright and shiny parquet . But now it’s important

to protect the floor from it

Damage , fine

that these

Result holds

punctual . It makes sense to use it for that

Carpets and runners for protection

Areas you pass

mostly . In addition, it is recommended

to avoid walking

on the floor with

Shoes that can do that

scratch the surface of the floor . Finally, its use is recommended

Furniture with

Feet protected or with

Rubber feet to prevent this from happening

to damage _

parquet .