Mix soap and vinegar, because even the maids who clean hotels do it

Did you know that if you mix soap and vinegar you will get an incredible mixture? It is an ancient remedy that our grandparents used in the past. It’s a great idea that not many people know about. But do you know what this fantastic solution is for? Incredible: let’s find out more. 

Not everyone knows that if you mix   soap and vinegar   you will get a truly amazing compound. It is a natural, effective, ecological and natural remedy that our grandparents also used many years ago.

At that time, all these products that we find in supermarkets today did not yet exist, so it was necessary to create   natural and powerful compounds   for household tasks. Even today many people use this really incredible DIY method: let’s see how to do it, in a few steps you will get a result that will leave you speechless.

Mix Soap and Vinegar: Here’s What Happens

One of the most used products in our homes is dishwashing detergent, although there is already a dishwasher in most homes. But when it’s not there, unfortunately, we have to clean our plates, forks and various pots   by hand   with regular dishwashing liquid.

It is a product that is used every day, since these are all the objects that we use every day. However, it can happen that over time they deteriorate or that  grease   or food remains remain. Sometimes even the dishwasher fails to get rid of this type of dirt.

In this case, it is necessary to implement an easy, quick, powerful and above all natural remedy. Today we are going to reveal to you a procedure that our grandmothers used, getting   soap and vinegar   . If you mix these two ingredients you will obtain a cleaning and degreasing compound: let’s see how to do it.

clean dishes

The procedure

As we told you, to remove all the dirt and grease from our dishes, you will only need   two ingredients   : vinegar and soap. The process is truly child’s play. First, grate some whole castile soap and place it in a pot with a cup of liquid dish soap.

Pour in a cup of white vinegar and a cup of water. Put everything on the stove over low heat and mix. After a few minutes, add the juice of two lemons. Once the soap has melted, turn off the heat and add half a cup of baking soda. Mix again and   let cool.

All you have to do is pour this   powerful compound   into a container and use it with a sponge. In just a few steps you will have created a fantastic product for cleaning your dishes. From the beginning, you will get clean, fragrant and above all shiny dishes without much effort and even with a few euros.

clean dishes