Mix them, 10 minutes later the result will leave you speechless: the grandparents’ secret

In this article we will help you discover our grandparents’ secret for effectively cleaning different areas of our home. Want to figure out which ingredients to mix together? Here you will find all the details on the topic.

Cleaning  the house  is a fundamental aspect of living in an environment that is always comfortable and perfectly disinfected. Cleaning the bathroom, kitchen and floors must be done regularly as  dirt and dust accumulate very quickly and easily  .

Therefore, any  normal cleaning must  be carried out every day or in any case very often, also depending on the actual use of the various elements present and the time spent in the home environment. However, other types of cleaning are more “  exceptional  ” and can be done less consistently.

We refer, for example, to  cleaning tile and floor joints  ,  window frames  and many other similar aspects. However, these elements also need to be cleaned every now and then, as dirt and dust also accumulate in these areas.

In this article we will tell you a real  secret from our grandparents  . By mixing a few ingredients you actually get powerful  mixtures that  can optimally disinfect the different surfaces of your home, including the most “inaccessible” areas. What ingredients do you need to get  ? Let’s find out all the details about this extraordinary trick.

Our grandparents’ secret to cleaning the house as best as possible

It takes a lot of time and persistence to have a home that is always clean, fragrant and inviting. However, this is an absolutely important aspect because it means you  can always live in a clean environment. Therefore, cleaning should never be underestimated, not only for purely aesthetic reasons, but also to avoid problems for the residents of the house who are allergic to dust and other contaminants.

Secret of effective cleaning

Cleaning the house requires not only time and willpower, but also the right products. It will therefore be possible to buy detergents and other disinfectants in supermarkets or specialist stores. They allow for better removal of dirt and bacteria from any surface.

However, in this article we want to help you figure out how to  create a truly effective DIY solution to remove dirt not only from the surfaces that are easiest to clean, but also from the most complicated places. This is a  secret that our grandparents have used in the past  , but it will also prove very useful to you in the future. Here you will find everything you need to know.

The ingredients you must use: all the details of the procedure to be carried out

To put your grandparents’ secret into action, you’ll definitely need to gather some ingredients. In this section we will show you  what you need to use and the exact steps you need to follow  . Are you ready? Make yourself comfortable and discover the right disinfectant solution for  an always clean, fragrant and shiny home  .

The ingredients that need to be mixed

You need to get a container and put two teaspoons of fabric softener  and two teaspoons  of white vinegar  in it. Now pour a glass of  water  and add a teaspoon of  baking soda  . Then mix all the ingredients with a teaspoon or a ladle.

After inserting and mixing the various ingredients, a specific mixture is created.  It must be placed in a  spray container . You can spray the mixture on the different surfaces you want to clean, including bathroom fixtures, floor grout, and tile grout. You will also use a sponge and then rinse everything off with water. You will notice how  the various dirty areas shine again and are perfectly disinfected  .

Another technique is  to mix fabric softener with dish soap  . By mixing the two products with water  and  70  % alcohol  and adding the resulting mixture to another spray container, you get a truly valuable solution for removing dirt, dust and scratches from even the most complicated areas, such as window frames, tile joints and more.

We have shown you some simple  ingredients that you can mix to  create a truly incredible natural remedy that will help you optimally disinfect different areas of your home.