Mixing baking soda and glue: the perfect trick to end many household problems

Having become an essential ingredient in many culinary and homemade recipes, baking soda is part of every household’s purchases. But beyond its usefulness known to the general public, baking soda is highly appreciated for other unexpected properties. Find out why mixing baking soda with glue can be helpful.

For our readers,   baking soda no longer seems to have any secrets  . However, the list of uses for this product in the home is far from exhaustive. We offer you a use of baking soda that could get rid of many household problems at a lower cost.Ezoic


Why you should mix baking soda with glue

Useful for staining clothes, deodorizing a rug, carpet or your washing machine, combating bad odors in your refrigerator, making cutlery shine, baking soda is also an essential asset for repairing the objects in your home. Along with glue, baking soda will allow you   to glue your broken valuables together  . Thanks to the baking soda, the glue becomes stickier and more resistant.Ezoic

To do this, simply put glue on the broken part of the object and sprinkle it with baking soda. The mixture will dry quickly and will spruce up your doorknob, box, or even vase instantly. Whether the object is made of plastic, wood or aluminum, this glue will become stronger and more effective if it is embellished with baking soda.

How to glue plastic parts with baking soda and glue?

sodium bicarbonate

Is the vegetable drawer in your refrigerator broken? Since your refrigerator is old, you will surely find it impossible to find an identical one on the market and you want to save your current container. Don’t panic, just follow these steps:Ezoic

1- Using adhesive paper, keep the two parts of the tray welded to ensure better glue action

2- Clean your vegetable drawer to remove any material that could prevent the glue from adhering (water, oil, dirt)

3- Place your trash can on a newspaper to prevent dirt from invading your kitchen floor

4- Apply glue to a surface to consolidate

5- Sprinkle the glue with baking soda

6- Let it act for a few minutes

7- When the mixture is dry,   remove the adhesive and do the same on the other side   of the “wound”

8- You will need sandpaper to sand the surface of the tray and remove any remaining product, when both sides are completely dry.

Ready ! The work is done. The result is far from perfect, but it will allow you to revive your vegetable drawer instead of throwing it away without being able to replace it, thus harming the environment.Ezoic

Combine baking soda with another daily use product to clean your dishes.

The uses of baking soda are many. For house maintenance or body care, it is miraculous. With coconut oil and cornstarch, it combats perspiration. Added to your usual toothpaste, it helps to remove scale and whiten teeth. With coconut, jojoba or olive oil, it is an excellent exfoliant. With Marseille soap, you replace your store-bought laundry product. Combined with black soap, baking soda makes your dishes shine. And against thrush, there is no need to run out and buy an expensive mouthwash, just dilute a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of hot water and rinse your mouth with this non-toxic, ecological and efficient solution.

But the housewives who read us will discover in a few lines an unlikely but very effective use, a new grandmother’s trick.

To clean your pots or pans, cut a potato in half and sprinkle it with baking soda. The potato and baking soda will replace the sponges used to degrease and clean kitchen utensils. Rub hard inside your utensils and watch! The result is almost instantaneous.

Present on all fronts, baking soda is definitely the essential versatile ingredient of our daily lives, one of the most useful discoveries of our era.