Mixing Dishwashing Detergent With Boiling Water: See What Happens

Have you ever mixed dishwashing detergent with boiling water? This is what this method allows in a few seconds.

Detergent and boiling water
The methods that we discover thanks to the experts are always those that we try on a daily basis, because with the few ingredients that we have at home, we can achieve something truly unique. We are used to calling in experts even for common and insignificant problems, not knowing that a simple gesture may be enough to solve everything. This is the case of dishwashing detergent with boiling water, a remedy that can help counter or solve a common problem.

Are do-it-yourself remedies always effective?
Do-it-yourself remedies are those that are inherited from grandmothers and passed down from generation to generation. Some of them use completely natural remedies and others call upon some minor modernities, in order to have a direct and much stronger action.

These are not magic tricks, but it is true that by combining several products or ingredients together – even if it is in an unthinkable way – you can obtain amazing results. One of them was discovered by some experts and made available to all internet users.

Dishwashing detergent and boiling water to solve this problem
A combination of two elements which, at first glance, may seem impossible and unnecessary. Yet, by mixing dishwasher detergent and boiling water, we can solve a common and even annoying problem.

Dishwasher detergent
The procedure is as follows:

Take a saucepan and fill it with water
Put the saucepan on the fire and let it sit until the water boils.
During this time, take the usual dishwashing detergent and pour a few drops of it into the toilet bowl.

Take the pan filled with boiling water and pour it down the toilet.
It is at this moment that the meeting between the detergent and the boiling water occurs. The two elements must be left for a few minutes so that they can act on the problem. After 3-5 minutes, flush the toilet.

What is it for ? This is an optimal remedy when the pipes are slightly clogged. The cleaner clears the pipes while the water pushes out the stuck debris, cleaning gently and without harshness.

A remedy that can be used not only in the toilet, but also in the sink or shower.

Clogged pipes: when to call the plumber?
The remedy mentioned above is recommended when the drain is slightly clogged. In case of soap or shampoo residue, washing-up liquid or tangled hair, it is possible to use washing-up liquid and boiling water.

If, on the other hand, the problem is serious and the pipes are completely clogged, it is time to call a professional plumber. The DIY method is always the first step; if it doesn’t work, you have to go deep and safe

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