Move the sponge from the sink to the washing machine: what happens is incredible

Did you know that the hard sponge in the sink can be put in the washing machine to do something extraordinary? This trick solves a common problem that occurs when washing clothes in the washing machine.

More specifically, it is a method that you have probably never tried before, but that allows you to remove hair and lint from the fabric of your clothes. After all, clothes are never safe from hair and lint, which can remain even after washing. Now you can easily get rid of this problem.

Lint on clothing: Always present despite all precautionary measures

There is always a simple solution to the bad smell of clothes. However, there is a common problem that is difficult to fix during the washing process. It’s the hair. Many people remove lint and hair from clothing before washing.

However, despite all the precautions, hair can still be seen in the fibers of the fabric. Because lint can still form when washing. This is due to the close contact of the fabrics in the basket, which in turn creates lint.

To remove pet hair, first use a brush. However, do not expect that one attempt will give you the desired result. There are always a few fine or short hairs that get caught in the fibers or build up on the drum.

Are wet wipes effective for removing hair from clean clothes?

We usually put wet wipes in the washing machine basket. However, there is a slight downside to using these products. The cloths are damaged on the inside and another stain appears. Not only the hair but also the remains of wet wipes have to be removed.

Pass the sponge from the sink to the washing machine: what happens is incredible.
This trick involves putting the scouring pad in the drum of the washing machine. Of course, you don’t use the sponge you already used, but introduce a new one. That’s how it’s done:

  • Place the new sponge in the washing machine with the dirty laundry
  • Start the washing program
  • Washes until the end of the cycle

And that’s it! Simple, cheap and above all effective: the trick of using a sponge in the washing machine ensures that your clothes are free of hair. In fact, the sponge attracts lint and hair during the washing process.