NASA recommends this incredible plant to completely purify the air in your home

in addition to being decorative and design elements, plants have many properties that help us improve the environment in which we live.

In addition to improving our mood and humidifying the environment (thus promoting the hydration of mucous membranes, throat and skin), they can purify the air we breathe by absorbing harmful gases and chemicals.

According to NASA, the best plants to purify the air are spatafillo, areca, sansevieria, hevea and pothos.

This last plant, the Pothos ( Epipremnum aureum ), is one of the most indicated. Native to Southeast Asia, this plant with perennial leaves is now also present in Italy.

Very appreciated as a houseplant, not only for its properties, but also for the beauty of its leaves, this plant is very resistant and does not need any particular attention.

Pothos has properties capable of eliminating formaldehyde (a toxic substance that can cause cancer), xylene (a harmful component that can cause headaches, nausea and nervous system problems) and benzene (in high doses it can be fatal).

However, despite its great properties, this plant can be toxic to our pets, so we recommend you keep them away.

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