Never eat the seeds of this fruit, they are poisonous, but almost no one knows it

Did you know that the seeds of some fruits can be poisonous? Here’s what they are and how you should behave to avoid problems.

fruit seeds

Of all the fruits available all year round, apples are certainly the most famous and popular fruit. Available in different varieties, crunchy and juicy, they suit every occasion. However, special attention must be paid to an often overlooked detail: the seeds.

Apples and seeds, what to look out for

Apples are one of the most widespread and popular fruits practically all over the world. In addition to their distinctive taste,  apples provide a rich variety of vitamins  , fiber and antioxidants. They are available all year round and are one of the most popular fruits, especially among the little ones.

However, when we are busy enjoying a juicy apple,  we often do not pay attention to the seeds it contains  , especially when we usually bite into the fruit without cutting it.

Apple cores

Apple seeds are considered poisonous  , but in fact they can be ingested unintentionally without causing serious health risks. But there is one detail that is important to pay attention to: these seeds  contain traces of a substance called amygdalin  , which leaves a bitter taste in the mouth that anyone who has accidentally bitten into a seed has felt.

Amygdalin is a substance found in the seeds of apples and other fruits such as peaches and apricots. Basically, amygdalin is harmless, although  it  contains hydrogen cyanide, also known as cyanide. The latter is known for its high toxicity and  can be really dangerous if taken in high doses  .

However, there is no need to worry: the amount of amygdalin contained in an apple core is so small that the human body is able to process and excrete it without risk to health.

What happens if you ingest an apple core?

Occasional or involuntary ingestion of seeds therefore does not pose a danger to humans,  but in some situations it is advisable to pay more attention  . Young children or pets may be more susceptible to the effects of hydrogen cyanide because their digestive system may not tolerate this substance as well as an adult’s. Always be careful to prevent children and pets from swallowing apple cores  , although one or two of them shouldn’t cause any harm.

However, a significant reaction is unlikely to occur unless large quantities of seeds are ingested. It is estimated that you need to consume around 200 seeds  to have negative effects on an adult’s body, which is a decidedly high number for anyone.


In addition,  the substance dangerous to our body is released when the seed is broken  , so there would be no problems if you swallowed it whole without chewing it.

Therefore, there is no need to demonize apples, just pay attention to their cores. If they accidentally end up in your mouth, there is no need to worry. If you want to use apples in cooking instead  , simply remove the cores before using them as an ingredient. With smoothies or centrifuged juices, it is also advisable to remove the seeds beforehand to avoid breaking them and releasing the amygdalin into the juices.