Never place these plants on the windowsill: they will die within a few days

You should never put these plants on the windowsill as an ornament, because in a few days they will die.


In most Italian homes there are plants and flowers that beautify the interiors. We tend to prefer certain varieties with  beautiful, colorful flowers,  which can last all year round and ensure a perfect look. However, it is always better to follow the advice of nurserymen because certain plants like certain places in the house. These, for example, should never  be placed on the  windowsill of the house so as not to cause them to die immediately.

Plants should never be placed on the windowsill

Having plants at home  is certainly an excellent way to beautify spaces, give a harmonious touch given by nature and bring serenity. The windowsill seems to be placed in front of the window specifically for placing plants.

Plants on the windowsill

Some varieties absolutely cannot be  placed in this space  , as direct light could burn their leaves and make growth difficult. In addition, some of them prefer little light and constant humidity: putting them on the windowsill will only make them die immediately. What are these plants  that should never be placed on the windowsill  ?

  • Orchid

It is a plant with beautiful flowers that should never be placed on the windowsill, as it needs constant humidity. Additionally, direct light from the window could burn it and cause it to die within a few hours. If the window also faces south  , you will need to attach a curtain so that the sun’s rays do not hit it directly.


Remember that the  indoor temperature  should never exceed 24°C so that it is beautiful and healthy all year round.

  • Christmas cactus

A very particular plant that likes light but not direct sunlight. It should also be kept away from any type of heat source, with an internal temperature not exceeding 21°C during the day and not exceeding  18°C ​​at night.

Christmas cactus

It is possible to place it near the window but never on the windowsill, in any case away from drafts  harmful  to this type of plant.

  • Christmas stars

A purely winter plant and typical of Christmas celebrations, it becomes an excellent symbol and gift to  wish positivity and prosperity  . Certain rules must be followed so that it can live all year round, such as keeping it away from the windowsill where a lit heater is placed below.

Christmas star

Additionally,  drafts  can be harmful, as can temperatures above 21°C.

  • Cyclamen

Cyclamen is a beautiful, colorful plant that hates heat and direct light. For this reason, the  windowsill  is not exactly the ideal place in winter and summer.


The position in the entrance is excellent with a  windy temperature of 16°C  . Is there no room for her? Opt for the windowsill with a north-facing window and the cyclamen will thank you.

  • Amaryllis

It is a plant that  needs light but not direct light  , moreover it does not tolerate heat sources which can dry it out after a few hours.


That’s not all, this plant is  recommended for those with a green thumb  because it must be moved depending on the environment and also the climate with temperatures which should never exceed 26°C.