Never throw away this part of the bananas: that’s why it’s worth gold in the house

When we throw away bananas, we should never throw away any part of them because it could be worth a lot to our house. Here’s which one.


Each season has its  fruits  and often we just have to wait for one to be able to savor our favorites and taste the flavor of our favorite fruit par excellence. But some fruits can be found in the market throughout the year and are among the most popular and common even if some of them have origins in places totally different from where we live.

Bananas: this is why you should never throw everything away

Some of those fruits that we Italians love are  bananas  which are very useful for our health as a source of potassium and can often be used in any type of recipe.

Bananas: what are certain parts used for?

Originally from  tropical areas,  it has been mining the paintings of our peninsula for many years and is almost never missing here, to the point of having also been painted in certain paintings representing still lifes. Often, due to its shape, it is associated with the male member and its name is used as a sexual allusion also following the song  La Banana  which was very popular in the 2000s.

Bananas: what are certain parts used for?

On the market, we generally find yellow or green bananas depending on their maturity although it is always preferable, as experts advise, to consume those that are of medium maturity. However, there are different types of  bananas,  including light blue ones which, due to their ripening, tend to taste like vanilla but are almost impossible to find in  Italy. On the other hand, lately in Italy it is possible to find red bananas much sweeter than normal ones, although their cost is high and is about three times higher than normal bananas.

The secret that few know

The banana has also become very popular with little ones following its popularity thanks to the  Minions characters,  the minions from  Despicable Me  who are greedy for this fruit. But not everyone knows that even if we only ingest the inside of the fruit and throw away the skin, we are actually wasting something truly valuable that we should all be using at home. In fact, videos are spreading on the web explaining that once the banana has been peeled, you must keep the rigid part at the end which holds all the fruits together and let it dry.

Bananas: what are certain parts used for?

Before placing it in the sun, however, it is advisable to cut the stem and open it in order to see all the fibers which are extracted and placed in a container exposed to the sun for a few hours. What we will have is a set of  banana fibers  that will be very useful for our plants, since placing them on the ground inside the pot will act as an excellent fertilizer for our plants. In what way, these will become strong and vigorous not only by acquiring water but also intrinsic properties within the banana fibers  which  , in contact with water and soil, will give vigor to our plant.