No more watering orchids with water: water them with it for spectacular blooms

Orchids are versatile flowering plants that are easy to grow indoors and come in over 25,000 species. The best known commercial variety is the Phalaenopsis orchid, also called the moth orchid. To brighten up your interior with colorful orchids, find out what to water them with to stimulate their bloom.

Orchids are perennial plants with evergreen leaves. These tropical plants are hardy. You can grow them indoors to enjoy their beautiful flowers even if you don’t have a green thumb. However, in order for this exotic plant to bloom, it is advisable to replace the irrigation water with this solution.

What can you water orchids with to encourage them to bloom?

Orchids on the windowsill

Water is an essential element for plants.  In addition to hydrating plants   , it helps transport nutrients from the soil into plant cells. In addition, the evaporation of water caused by the phenomenon of transpiration helps regulate the temperature of plants and cool them. Although water is vital for plants, you can water them during their growing phase with a liquid fertilizer   that will both hydrate and nourish the flowering plants   to stimulate their growth and flowering. To enjoy a spectacular orchid bloom, you can water it with green tea.

Green tea is a very effective fertilizer to stimulate the flowering of orchids and keep them healthy. It is in fact   rich in essential elements for plant growth   such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. To use this natural fertilizer, simply steep a few green tea leaves in hot water and allow this infusion to cool. Then use the solution  to water the orchids.  This liquid fertilizer can be used once a month in spring and summer. Also use this fertilizer sparingly as any excess can cause  flowers and leaves to drop.  

In addition to watering your orchids with green tea, you can also take green tea bags   and sprinkle their contents over the potted orchid soil.

What other fertilizers are there to make orchids bloom?

In addition to watering the orchids with a green tea infusion, you can use these liquid fertilizers   to stimulate their flowering.

  • Egg cooking water to make orchids bloom again
Egg cooking water

After cooking the hard-boiled eggs, reserve the cooking water. Let it cool and then use it to water your orchids. The eggshell has a good content of calcium, magnesium, carbonate and phosphorus. These minerals end up in the egg cooking water and are used to fertilize the plants.

  • Banana peels to stimulate orchid flowering

Banana peels are rich in potassium and nitrogen. To get your orchids blooming again,   mix organic banana peels with water.  Leave for 24 hours, then water the orchids with this liquid.

  • Rice cooking water to promote orchid flowering
rice cooking water

Rice water is a good fertilizer for plants.  This natural fertilizer is rich in starch, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. In addition to stimulating plant growth,   it improves their photosynthesis process   and stimulates the growth of good bacteria in the soil. To encourage orchids to bloom, simply collect this water, allow it to cool, and then use it to water your orchids. Note that rice cooking water is not the only useful liquid fertilizer for plants. Cooking water from starchy foods such as potatoes or pasta can also be helpful for your plants.

With these natural fertilizers you can achieve spectacular flowering of your orchids while keeping them hydrated.