Not just vinegar to get rid of cockroaches at home with natural methods: here are 4 little-known tips!

It may happen that we return to a house that has been closed for some time and we have to face a serious problem. These insects attracted to dirt and food are particularly annoying, but also potentially dangerous. Here are 4 all-natural ways to get rid of roaches, and they don’t use vinegar!

Unfortunately, many inconveniences could happen to us at home with  annoying insects and animals  . Among these we certainly find  cockroaches  , or  cockroaches,  which nest easily. These insects are not only unpopular for their appearance, but they could also cause  various hygiene problems  if they come into contact with food.
To prevent them from invading our rooms, we must  act quickly. Fortunately we do not need  specific products for these insects, but we can use completely natural  ingredients  . and not expensive. In fact, only when the situation is truly unmanageable is it necessary to turn to professionals  One of the home remedies is definitely  vinegar,  but not everyone likes its  strong smell. Here are  4 natural methods  to keep cockroaches away without resorting to expensive products.

Not just vinegar to get rid of cockroaches, but good cleaning

We must first understand the origin of these insects. In fact, they may have been attracted to foods  left  around, especially if they are high in  sugar. So the first step is to  thoroughly check  the kitchen and pantry. Cockroaches tend to nest in  damp, dimly lit areas  . This is why we also check the  bathroom, including the grout and floors, as well as where we store our  waste. We always carry out checks to prevent the formation of these insects.
Cockroaches are dangerous for us because they can  cause allergies  and in any case carry pests and diseases. However, the chemicals used to kill them could also be  toxic. There are several natural methods
for keeping cockroaches away and doing DIY  pest control.

Simple soap and water to get rid of cockroaches quickly

Not only vinegar to get rid of cockroaches, but also  more fragrant solutions. The first ingredient to use against these insects is undoubtedly  Marseille soap  . Simply create a solution of soap and water and put it in a  container with a spray bottle. Then let’s spray it in the  corners of the house  and in places where we have noticed possible cockroaches. These will disappear in no time.
Additionally, not everyone knows that  catnip  is another herb used to keep cockroaches away. These insects  really cannot stand it  and that is why they move away if they come into contact with it. We put  the pots in the corners affected by cockroaches and they will disappear immediately.

The best allies straight from the kitchen

Other allies against these insects come directly from our kitchen. Indeed, rosemary,  bay leaf and garlic  are very powerful natural repellents. Cockroaches hate their smell and  will quickly run away  if we use them correctly. Simply make  bouquets  of rosemary or bay leaf and place them in  infested areas  . For garlic, simply put  a few cloves,  always in the affected areas.
Finally, if we want to create a  death trap  for cockroaches, we can use two cheap ingredients, like  baking soda and sugar. . Let’s create a compound by mixing the two ingredients and  sprinkle it  on the spots where cockroaches are present. They will ingest our solution, which is  toxic  to them. This way we will eliminate the problem quickly.