Not only the peel, but also this part of the banana: use it like this

After enjoying our delicious banana or using the pulp to make desserts, we always make the mistake of throwing away the rest. However, peels, like this specific part of the fruit, can be used for many things. Discover what it is and how to recycle it…

Not only the peel, but also this part of the banana: use it like this

Banana is not only a fruit that Minions love, but it also satisfies children’s palates with its sweetness. From now on, remember to save the other parts of the banana, because they are precious.

We recommend that you do not throw away the hard part at the end of each fruit. Consider drying it in the sun by cutting the tough stem to release the fibers. Place them in a container exposed to the sun for a few hours.

These dry filaments are a gold mine for plants. In fact, they act as fertilizer for potted plants. Try it and you will see that your green friends will be healthier and more vigorous.

Getting to know the banana

The banana is a fruit native to the tropics and unanimously acclaimed for its flavor. Banana is an excellent source of potassium and other essential nutrients, especially for athletes.

This fruit is great in dessert recipes, but also on its own. There are yellow and green bananas, whose color is an indicator of maturity. Nutritionists recommend eating bananas halfway ripe.