Now contact the router in this part of the house: slow down the wifi and duplicate the bill

Wi-Fi router: where to stay at home? The next thing you know: your connection will only slow down if you don’t have to duplicate it at the end of my account.

¿Dónde colocaste tu enrutador? Here if you are in this part of the house:   there will be a poor connection and you will have a very high bill   .

Internet included in the house, impossible to live without

The   Wi-Fi switch   has salvation for all years. Although mobile phones are equipped with   unlimited gigabytes   to allow navigation by red, any speeds included with high speeds, have   a built-in encoder at home   , especially for those that have automated camera systems or those that have one. working in intelligent work. .

But have you noticed lately that  your Internet connection is increasingly slow and unstable  ? Don’t go crazy! This unpleasant situation may have pushed you to contact the support service  and talk to the operators several times, but you will not have solved your problem one hundred percent.

What if we told you that sometimes  the bad connection depends on where your router is located  , would you believe us? Here’s why you shouldn’t put it here: Not only does it  slow down your Wi-Fi connection, but it also increases your bill balance at the end of the month  .

Where to place the router in the house

If you too have a router  at home that is throwing a tantrum giving you a  slow and unstable connection  , you need to take cover immediately. Have you ever tried to contact  customer support  without success? So keep reading this article because we have  the solution  that will save your life.

Do you know that the poor quality of your network  most likely depends  on where you placed the router  ? Well yes, depending on where you put it, the connection changes and also the cost in the bill.

Here’s  what the experts say  . The position in which to place this  “magic box”  is essential because depending on where we place it we receive   better or worse signal quality .

Always remember that  routers transmit signals downward  , so to have good coverage  you need to place it high up  , for example by resting it on a shelf or piece of furniture.

Another fundamental piece of advice is this:  you must keep it away from other electronic devices  and also metal objects. It is especially important  to place it far from the microwave  because the latter emits a  2.4 GHz signal  which is the same band used by Wi-Fi routers.

Have you noticed that your router also has so-called  “antennas”  ? These were obviously placed not for an aesthetic detail but because  they allow different angles to be covered. So make sure that  they are not all pointing in the same direction  , instead arrange them horizontally and vertically so that your router can cover different angles of the house.

Wi-Fi and bill increase

We guarantee that if you follow these   practical and simple  recommendations you will have much better internet quality  , a stable network and above all  a reduction on the balance of the bill.

How is it possible that  there is an increase, in terms of energy, with the use of the router  ? First of all, you should know that  the new generation routers are capable of consuming around 10 watts per hour  , however, taking into account the increase in kilowatt, the cost could even reach  50 euros per year  .

Obviously, if your modem is able to ensure an excellent connection from a qualitative point of view,  you will use it for the amount of time you need  , for example to work, possibly check the cameras in the house or to watch your favorite TV series.

However, the advice is to  turn it off when we are not at home or when we  hardly need it, for example at night. This way, not only will we  save on the bill, but also our health will thank us  . The internet box or router, whatever you prefer, always emits electromagnetic fields which are not a panacea for our body.

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