Oil stains on clothes, how to remove them effortlessly: 1 drop is enough

Removing oil stains from clothes immediately: with this product it is easier than ever. Just one drop is enough and the stain disappears.

When you accidentally stain yourself with olive oil, it seems like a tragedy: we immediately wonder if we will ever be able to remove this ruinous stain. We know that olive oil drops on clothes are some of the most difficult to remove and many times we do not do it. We think that we have to throw away our garment because it seems unrecoverable, but that is not the case.

There is a product that, if used well, will work a miracle. The stain will disappear with just a few drops.

Remove oil stains like this: 1 drop and that’s it

It can happen while you are cooking, while you are eating, or while you are clearing the table. The danger of oil stains is always around the corner if you are not careful. There is a way to avoid turning this small accident into a tragedy and thus save your clothes. You will have to act very quickly: as soon as you notice the stain you should remove the garment and start following this small guide.

Oil stains

Place your garment on a shelf, wipe the stain with a napkin, and cover the stained area with a tablespoon of baking soda soda. The baking soda should cover the entire stained area. Rub lightly with the spoon and add the essential element: dish soap . Dish soap is famous for its degreasing properties, and that is exactly what we need to achieve a good result.

Add the dish soap on top of the baking soda, deciding the amount based on the size of the stain. Then you’ll need to grab your toothpaste from the bathroom: put a generous streak into the baking soda and dish soap mixture. Using a toothbrush, start rubbing these three elements into your dress and after a few minutes, a mostly creamy substance will be created. When you have reached this consistency, another ingredient will have to come into play: white wine vinegar.

It is necessary to fill a fairly large container with our vinegar, and then immerse the stained garment in it without removing the baking soda, toothpaste and dish soap. Let it act for a quarter of an hour. After 15 minutes, drain the garment, rinse it or put it in the washing machine. At the end of the wash you will notice that there will no longer be any trace of oil left! An easy and highly recommended, infallible method.

Oil stains