Old pants should not be thrown away: if you reuse them in this way, they are useful

If we have old pants that we don’t wear, we can recover them by using them this way instead of throwing them away. It’s like that.

We all need to dress well   ,   partly because of the weather conditions, especially in winter, and partly because of the modesty of not going out naked.

In fact, even in summer, when temperatures are much higher than in winter, we cover ourselves for the decency of not leaving the house in our underwear and we cover ourselves with pants, long or   short   .

Pants: this is how we reuse the ones we no longer use

However, over time, these can become damaged from continued use or from a sudden movement that caused them to   tear   or even from becoming loose or overtightened.

Thus, once we have bought new pants, we tend to throw away the pants that we no longer need, without realizing that, indeed, there are parts of the fabric   that   can still be used.

Pants: how to reuse them

In fact, many housewives reuse   pants   to create something truly unexpected. This requires a little mastery of the sewing machine and a lot of patience, but the result will be surprising.

The way to do it

First we will take our   pants   that we are not wearing and we will cut the   part of the legs,   thus eliminating the entire area of ​​buttons, zippers, etc. which will not be useful.

Once this is done, we take the part of the legs that we cut and open them and create strips about   80-83     cm long with a thickness of about 5-6 cm each.

 We are going to join all the pieces of the same color and once this is done we fold the left and right sides  of the sewing machine  one centimeter inward so that the strip becomes thinner and stronger with the use of the 

We do this operation with several  trouser legs   of different colors and we take a strip of the lightest color we have and make a long fabric of no more than two centimeters, inserting an elastic band, and we place it horizontally.

Pants: how to reuse them

Vertically we will apply the rest of the strips previously formed with a tent effect and we will join them, normally in weft   and warp , with other trouser   strips    with a checkerboard effect.

Once done, let’s sew in detail all the points that were uncovered and we will see how in the end we will have obtained something that we would never have imagined.

By embroidering the outer areas with a ribbon, we will see how we will finally obtain a beautiful   sofa cover   that we can show off in our living room after recovering the   pants   that are no longer used.

It is very important to recover materials that we no longer use, since we will have had the possibility of not wasting what we have at home and we will have created something that we need and that we would have bought and therefore our pocket will also benefit. .

If you are not familiar with cutting and sewing, it is good to get help from a knowledgeable family member who can lend a hand.