Orange peels and salt: At home they are worth their weight in gold if you use them like this

Orange peels and salt: At home they are worth their weight in gold if you use them like this

The slogan of Italian families in recent times is only one, namely “save”.

With all the increased expenses and bills, it is clear that you have to save on everything and it is clear that you have to constantly try to recycle reusable items.

Thanks to recycling, you don’t have to spend large amounts of money for a quality product, you just have to roll up your sleeves. In this way it is possible to achieve hygiene and cleanliness in the house and at the same time not burden your wallet.

Use DIY remedies, commonly referred to as grandma’s remedies, to replace expensive chemicals  and at the same time produce something effective and natural.

For this reason, on this page you will learn how you can make a detergent by simply Use orange peel and some salt .

Orange peels and salt: At home they are worth their weight in gold if you use them like this

Everything can be recycled, and an orange peel is no different. With the right method, you can use an orange peel in a decidedly alternative way to keep your home clean.

In fact, these scrubs are very versatile and can therefore be reused for various reasons. For example, they are ideal for scenting wardrobes and keeping moths away .

Instead, here’s how you can use them to make great dishwashing liquid.

To make a great mixture, you only need the alcoholic vinegar,  the table salt  recover. baking powderand the

Here you can find out how to mix the ingredients together. A magic potion that can surprise anyone.

With the right method and the right indications, it is possible to make an excellent dishwashing detergent with your own hands.

The ingredients for making this detergent are as follows:

  • 1 liter of water
  • Orange peel to taste
  • 2 EL Salz
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder
  • 500 ml detergent
  • 150 ml alcohol vinegar

To make this recipe successful, you need to take a pot and pour in about a liter of water and the orange peels. Then just add the tablespoon of salt and the tablespoon of baking soda and then mix well.

Then you have to put the pot on the stove to heat everything up and when the water turns orange you just have to move the result away from the heat.

At this point you have to strain the mixture in a sieve and in the new bowl you have to add the cleaning agent mentioned in the list and also the alcoholic vinegar.

Mix well and at the end you will have 1.5 liters of detergent for pots and dishes.

Afterwards all you have to do is store the product in bottles and use the detergent to deodorize, clean and clean the dirtier appearing dishes disinfect.

At the end of this work in the house you will be able to breathe a clean, fresh smell with the aroma of orange. It removes even the most stubborn grease stains and encrustations.

All you have to do is grab all the mentioned products and get to work.

Good housekeeping for everyone.