Orchid: the florists’ secret for lush and abundant flowering

Orchids can sublimate and perfume your home. It is for this reason that you need to know how to maintain them well on a daily basis. Find out how lemon juice can help keep them alive for a long time. It’s a safe bet that you will adopt this trick for these beautiful flowers!

These flowering plants can be temperamental and difficult to care for. Fortunately, there is a trick that will allow you to maintain them more easily. Its principle? Water with lemon juice, a secret that will allow you to keep them healthy.

To keep these flowers healthy, they must be properly cared for. Therefore, it is worth knowing how to water and fertilize orchids  ,  especially since they are plants that live naturally in tropical forests. They therefore thrive in a humid, dark and warm climate.

Why is it worth adding lemon juice to orchids?

Well cared for orchids

Lemon contains many vitamins and minerals which are also healthy for plants. Furthermore, the citrus fruit has bactericidal properties, contains vitamin C and those of group B, as well as potassium or even magnesium. In order for orchids to have beautiful flowers and shiny leaves, it is advisable to add a few drops of lemon juice to the watering water from time to time. This fruit acidifies the water, and since orchids like the acidity of the soil, this will have a very positive effect on their growth. To make the leaves shine well, you can wash them gently with a cloth soaked in water and lemon juice.

Water an orchid with lemon

For good growth, the orchid will need to be watered once a week. This will need to be done in a slightly different way than with other potted plants. Pour some warm water with a few drops of lemon juice into the saucer and place the plant in it. Leave to act for 30 minutes before removing the jar and placing it in its usual place. The leaves will be lush and the petals sublime!

What to feed the orchid with?

You will not need any special fertilizers to make the orchid bloom. The miracle fertilizer is within reach and costs nothing. It’s lemon juice   .

This ingredient is excellent for strengthening the orchid’s root system, preventing root decay and stimulating flowering. To make the fertilizer, mix a little water with lemon juice – 100 milliliters of juice in 3 liters of water. Water the flower with this solution once every six weeks.

The mineral compounds in lemon take care of the plant, consolidate its root system, accelerate its growth and prolong its life. To avoid ruining anything, they improve their resistance to parasites.

How often to water the orchid?

Maintenance of an orchid

The plant should be watered once every 7 days in summer and 2-3 times a month in winter.

It is also important to monitor the orchid. If you notice the leaves wilting at the tips or bending, it means the plant needs more water. If the  leaves  are soft and starting to rot, you are watering too often. It is also better to use rainwater at room temperature for good growth.