Orchids, fertilizer at no cost: never seen before so lush

Here is the miracle fertilizer that will cost you nothing and will allow you to make your beautiful orchids bloom again.

orchid makeup

Keep reading our article to learn how to make a  natural fertilizer  that will help your orchids grow spectacularly.

How to Make Orchids Thrive

Orchids are beautiful plants, which must be taken care of down to the smallest detail if you want them to germinate well  .


The first thing we advise you to do is to avoid overwatering your plant, especially at night and midday. These are the times when, in fact, orchids risk the so-called  thermal shock  , a contrast between the temperature of the water and that of the outside.

How to make orchids bloom again

In addition, you should know that the correct way to  water  orchids is to wet only the soil or the saucer. If you notice that the leaves are too dirty, you must clean them to allow the plant to breathe. To do this, you can combine 70 ml of water with 30 ml of whole milk. The proteins in this very rich liquid, in fact, will deeply cleanse the plant and will also prevent the attack of  fungi  .

How to make natural fertilizer

All you have to do to make this  miracle fertilizer  is use 4 cloves of  garlic  and soak them in hot water. There are people who remove the garlic after making the infusion, while there are people who leave the cloves. The important thing is that the  infusion  rests for at least 24 hours, so that the water absorbs all the nutrients of the ingredient. We recommend letting the infusion sit  in the dark  , this will make it even stronger and more nutritious. After making the infusion, you can proceed by pouring the right amount over your plants. This natural fertilizer should not only be used sporadically, but should in fact be  alternated with normal watering  . And above all remember that garlic fertilizer should never be used to wet the  leaves  , but to wet the earth with its roots. Also make sure that every time you add fertilizer, there is no  stagnation  .

Natural fertilizer for orchids

But how do you know there are any? What you need to do is check the saucer, this saucer which is used to  accumulate water from watering  . Remember that it is normal for some water to remain there, so that the plant absorbs it when it wants. It’s a bad thing, however, that it stays there for a long time: it means that we have overwatered our  orchid  . Especially with garlic infusion, which is rich in nutrients, you should never overdo it. Fertilizer is best used about  once a week  . Remember, however, that the way we have just illustrated is not the only way to water your plant with fertilizer. If your orchid has many  aerial roots  , in fact, it can be perfectly watered with a spray bottle. Little by little, we are sure that you will see your plant change and especially its leaves, which go from gray to emerald green.