Orchids, how to multiply them endlessly with a potato: gardeners teach it

Orchids can be multiplied endlessly with just one potato: the gardening method is quick and easy to use.

For anyone who  wants to propagate orchids indefinitely,  there is a gardening trick that you can use immediately. These are completely natural methods that allow you to have this plant without having to buy it again. From its cuttings and with a potato you can get something unique that you can teach to your friends and then other users. This is a method developed by industry professionals. What is needed? A blooming orchid and then a potato, with a touch of green thumb.

How to propagate orchids endlessly?

Orchids  are elegant and sophisticated plants  with different species to give different scents and colors depending on your personal taste. It is a beautiful gift for any occasion, but also a plant to have at home to brighten up the garden or rooms.

Gardeners decided to reveal a little secret for its endless reproduction. To do this, you will need scissors, an orchid plant that has already  bloomed at least once  , and a fertilizer to support growth.

Orchid branches

It is also important that the orchid branches are healthy and that the orchid has been treated in the best possible way over time. Remember that this plant requires a very humid environment and plenty of water. Most often  it is recommended to place it in the bathroom  – in the laundry room or in the kitchen, where the humidity is the highest.


It must be able to be supplied with nutrients every day and the roots must never come into contact with too much standing water to avoid rotting. If all this is done and the plant is healthy, you can  proceed with propagation.

The ingredients and the process

To  have endless orchids,  just follow a small procedure provided by experts and professionals. Proceed by wearing gloves and using scissors – vertical and not sharp – to cut off a branch/cutting of the plant.

In a separate container, prepare a  substance  that will serve as the main nutrient:

  • Take all the sprouts from one potato and put them in a bowl.
Potatoes with sprouts
  • Add a minced garlic clove;
  • Mix and add water.

The mixture is then   covered and kept in a dark place to macerate for a maximum of a week.

They take the cutting and disinfect the cutting so it is ready for the entire process. Meanwhile, filter the substance with the potato and garlic so that a liquid nutrient is available. The cutting must be soaked in this substance so that it  absorbs all the nutrients.

Immediately afterwards it must be placed in the pot, with soil  and soil  , where it can multiply in the following weeks.