Orchids, how to propagate them with flower twigs so that the plants grow quickly

A method to copy to propagate orchids with flower twigs: this way the plants grow immediately.

Orchid in a jar

Orchids  are elegant and refined plants, often given as a symbol of purity. There are methods studied by nurserymen that can also be replicated at home, to propagate these plants using only the  flower twigs  . This offers the opportunity to  grow new seedlings  , without purchasing them and in a unique way. Let’s find out together what the gardeners’ method is to copy it.

Orchids, a refined gift ideal for any occasion

When you want to give a refined and elegant gift, you immediately think of the orchid plant. All types  available are rich in harmonious colors, with a thin and elegant stem that represents purity and elegance from all points of view.

These plants can have different meanings depending on the color and also the type chosen. One of all is  pink  to symbolize love and also gratitude. If a white orchid is given as a gift, it means that it symbolizes purity and innocence. Yellows, on the other hand, wish prosperity and happiness for the next person.

method for orchids

Just as they are beautiful to give as gifts  , they must be preserved and preserved in the best possible way. A plant of this type requires a lot of care, so an expert gardener will have to advise where to place it and how often to water it. That’s not all, in fact, there are ways to spread them quickly and easily.

Propagate orchids: the nurseryman’s method.

Each type of plant requires different care  , not all are the same. Propagation is a particular process and as such must be applied correctly depending on the type you have.

To propagate by taking the flower twigs directly, it can be done using soil and a  plastic bottle. Within the soil there must be particular nutrients that can be derived from the peel of potatoes or bananas.


To do this, simply cut the stem with a cutter, so that small shoots remain. It will then be placed in the plastic bottle or in a glass jar along with the soil rich in  potato skin.

Pour some water and then rub the stem with the help of a cotton ball. In this way the plant will be  disinfected and free of any type of bacteria  .

Then the two ends should be sealed with candle wax and then covered with a piece of transparent film. Make small holes in the plastic with the help of a toothpick and place everything in a humid, illuminated place with a temperature of 25°C. Spray with water and water  day after day. After just 4 months you will be able to see the plant germinate elegantly and you will be able to repeat the operation indefinitely. Be careful to never place the seedling in direct sunlight.