Our great tips for easy basil growing success.

Our great tips for easy basil growing success.

Basil? This plant is one of the most used aromatic plants. Do you want to have more of it? The following tips will help you.
In fact, during the summer, every terrace is decorated with these plants.
Basil, besides giving a better taste, gives a better visual aspect to your dishes. Its cultivation is easy. Just follow some precautions and your basil will grow wonderfully. Don’t worry, this article was written to make it easier for you.

What you should know about basil
Basil is known for its anti-mosquito action and also has many benefits. This plant is perfect against colic or digestive disorders. Moreover, it relieves your respiratory problems such as asthma, cold and cough. Its richness in water, proteins and vitamin D allows it to be excellent in case of loss of appetite.

Varieties of basil
Many varieties exist:

     Basil lettuce
     Thai basil
     Mexican basil

Basil lettuce is grown in the Camparia region. It has large leaves and a minty aroma. Greek basil has a rounded shape when it grows. Thai basil is a very aromatic plant and has a minty and licorice taste. Finally, we have the Mexican basil. It is dark red in color with a fruity scent.

How to grow basil
This plant grows all year round. However, it prefers the summer months. Besides in these months, it is luxuriant. In autumn until February, it hardly blooms. And for an optimal growth, we need to expose it 6 to 8 hours a day to the sun. The ground must also be always wet. But do not overdo it with water. It is not good for the taste of the plant. Remember to prune the inflorescences to favour the growth of the leaves. Its culture can be done inside and on the
balcony. It is just necessary to pay attention to certain aspects.

Conditions for a good development of the plant
It does not require too many conditions. You can plant it in a pot inside or outside a house. Just pay attention to the climatic conditions. In general the plant does not resist to a temperature lower than 10°. So, if we want to transplant it, we must choose an appropriate period which is none other than the end of May.
It is also necessary to make a good choice for the soil. This one must be mixed, rich in nutritive elements and capable of assuring a good stagnation of the water. We must know that the basil needs a lot of water. Hence the need for a moist soil. It is preferable to water our plants early in the morning or late in the
late in the evening. Do not do it during the hottest hours of the day.

In case you decide to grow it outside, use clay or plastic pots. At home, it is best to place your plant on the windowsill for direct light. If this is not possible, you can use direct cool LED light for 12 hours a day.

Growing basil outdoors
You should know that growing basil even outdoors is easy. Just place it in a place with a temperature higher than 15°C not windy. Don’t forget, basil needs water. It should be watered twice a day in summer and once in winter.
It is necessary to transplant the plants to approximately 20-30cm of the ones of the others during the period when the night temperature is superior to 15/20°. In addition, wait for the plant to recover before using the leaves. And cut the flowers to ensure a good growth of the leaves.

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