Oven: how are the racks placed to adapt them to the way of cooking?

When using the oven, not all recipes are cooked the same. You must know how to place the rack in the oven for perfect cooking.

Your oven racks are accessories that can improve the cooking of your dishes. How to place the racks depending on the type of recipe you are preparing?

The upper grille

In an oven, the top rack is best if you are preparing dishes that require uniform browning.

When the oven is preheated, an element at the bottom turns on and off temporarily during cooking to maintain a constant temperature.

As a result, the highest heat will go to the top. This even heat is ideal for browning dishes on the top, such as gratins. This rack will give your dishes a golden color and a super crispy texture.

The lower grilles

The center rack is what you need for even cooking. The central part of the oven provides the heat that ensures perfect cooking for preparations that require similar cooking on top and bottom.

Most baking and cupcake recipes call for this rack. With the heat developing gradually, there is no risk of having completely charred dishes compared to the top of the oven.

If you need to use two racks at the same time, install them in the upper and lower thirds of the oven. To cook halfway through, rotate the pans and replace them to ensure even cooking. It is a very useful technique, especially for baking cakes.

Finally, use the bottom rack to brown the sides of bread or grill vegetables.

Some ideas for using each oven rack

The top rack is perfect for browning lasagna cheese. This results in a layer with a golden and crunchy texture. You can also do the same with potato gratins, which are covered with a good layer of cheese.

If you are preparing roast chicken, use the center rack for even cooking. You will get a well-cooked chicken, with tender meat that melts in your mouth.

The lower rack is ideal for thin crust pizzas, so that the base is fully cooked.