Paper bags: recycle and protect the environment

Paper bags usually end up at the bottom of the trash can. But they shouldn’t be there, because they can be reused for other purposes. At a time when the planet is deteriorating, it is especially advisable to prioritize recycling.

Paper bags: recycle and protect the environment

The paper containers used in stores come in different sizes, thicknesses and colors. In general, thin bags cannot be recycled because they tear easily. Thicker models are more interesting, especially for storage.

When the seasons change, you end up with wrinkled and scattered clothes. This compromises the order in your wardrobe and can make you waste time looking for clothes.

How can you store your clothes efficiently?

Prepare a paper bag with a roll of double-sided tape and some scissors;
Remove the top part that contains the handles;
Place a strip of tape around the bottom and both sides;
Make sure the length does not exceed the length of the object;
Attach it to the adjacent surface to remove the characteristic fins from the bottom;
It should have a strong and rigid base;
When everything is open, you have a small container to store objects;
You can put scarves, hats, gloves, socks or underwear in it.