Pen stains on fabric, how to remove ink: the foolproof method

Removing pen stains from fabrics has never been easier: follow these steps and you’ll solve the problem in no time.

It happens very often that we get stained with  the ink of a pen  , and when it happens it seems like a tragedy. It seems like a disaster because it is often impossible to get rid of them: a simple wash in the washing machine is not enough. We should not despair at the idea of ​​having to throw away our beloved garment,  there is a method that completely eliminates the stain.

For this method to be successful, it is necessary  to intervene promptly  . In this case, time is necessary for the success of the operation.

Ink stains: how to get rid of them

Students and those who work in an office know it: getting ink stains is a danger that is always around the corner. Sometimes ballpoint pens eject more ink from the ball at the tip of the pen than is necessary. Sometimes they “explode” giving life to a lake of ink. It is a  very difficult substance to get rid of,  we find it difficult to remove it even from our hands.

When our clothes get stained with ink, we give up even before trying to remove the stain and immediately think that the situation is irreversible.

Ink stains

We assure you that this is not the case: if you act quickly with the methods that we indicate in this guide, the ink will disappear in an instant. There are many methods derived from the past and the tradition of our grandmothers. For example, a famous method involves the use of Marseille soap. There is also one that involves the use of hydrogen peroxide, or baking soda and lemon, etc. All of these are methods that do not work 100%, the stain fades at most but does not disappear completely.

The method we illustrate will make your garment look new again, but the condition is to act promptly. This is what it is.

Removing pen stains: the foolproof method

If you get ink on your clothes, don’t worry, you won’t have to run to the laundry room or resort to complicated tricks. The only thing necessary  is a specific product  and you surely already have it at home.

You won’t need hard-to-find detergents that promise to have magical properties,  what you need is ethanol (alcohol). For this trick to work you must intervene promptly: the faster your intervention, the more the stain can dissolve.

Feather stained fabric

Alcohol acts on the most stubborn stains and ink is no exception. You will need to dip a  cotton swab  in ethanol and gently rub it over the ink. When the cotton head is completely colored with ink, replace it immediately with a clean cotton swab.

Repeat the operation until you notice that the stain has dissolved. You may notice traces of a colored halo on your shirt, especially if it’s been too long since you stained it and the ink has dried. In this case it means that it has penetrated deeply into the tissue, but it will be enough to intervene with a whitening product. After washing in the washing machine there will not be even the slightest trace left!