Pierce a banana and insert lemon seeds: The brilliant trick

That’s why you should pierce a banana and put lemon seeds inside. The result is incredible, you will never believe that this is how you can grow the lemon tree!

We finally reveal why so many people in Italy and not just put lemon seeds in a banana . The solution is very simple and will allow you to create something unique.

Put lemon seeds in a banana
Every day we learn new DIY methods that allow us to solve many of the problems present in our daily lives. Often, these revolutionary methods also make it possible to save money or preserve the environment, or to save time or simply to spend creative moments with the family, accompanied by truly stimulating and at the same time very relaxing hobbies.

Put lemon seeds in a banana

Today we talk about an incredible method , also used by experts, that will allow us to achieve something that none of you would expect. With this solution, in fact, we will obtain a beautiful lemon tree.

Growing the lemon tree is a really simple and stimulating activity that can be done with the whole family, especially if there are curious children. Here we show you how to grow it, using just a banana and lemon seeds.