Plants that can be placed in water vases to beautify the house

Who doesn’t love having plants in the home? In addition to purifying the air and relaxing the environment, they are aesthetically beautiful and add a touch of color and freshness to our homes.

If you do not have a garden, balcony or terrace at your disposal, there are plants that can be placed in glass vases filled with water.

This technique, called hydroponics, consists in replacing the soil and its nutrients with water. To apply it, after choosing the plants indicated, you must follow these steps.

Remove the plant from the pot, being careful not to damage the roots.
Put the plant in a container with tempered water overnight.
Rinse the roots with plenty of water to completely remove the soil.
Put clay in the glass vase, then the plant, water and finally a liquid fertilizer, so that the root can absorb all the nutrients.
Below we list some of the plants suitable for this type of culture.

Zebra. One of the most famous ornamental plants in the world, it can be grown without any problem in a vase filled with water.

False papyrus . Simple to grow and maintain, this plant is easily adapted to hydroponics.

Potos. Among the most common houseplants, this plant adapts to many different climates.

Spathiphylla . It adapts wonderfully to hydroponics, and produces truly beautiful white flowers.

Sage . This aromatic plant can also be grown using the hydroponic technique.

Lucky Bamboo . This plant is really everywhere, and sometimes it is already sold in glass containers filled with water.

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