Plants that keep ants, cockroaches and flies away from your home

Insects such as cockroaches, ants and flies can literally invade our homes, even if we clean them frequently. Humidity, organic waste and heat encourage the proliferation of these unwelcome guests in our homes.

As well as being ugly, cockroaches carry bacteria and parasites that can cause gastrointestinal illnesses. They breed easily in warmer, more humid spaces and with food scraps, such as pantries.

Even flies can carry bacteria; they are small creatures that, before flying into our homes and perhaps settling on food, have roamed outdoors, even on garbage and other organic matter.

If you’ve tried commercial insecticides and failed to eliminate the problem, try nature. Below, we list the best plants for keeping cockroaches, ants and flies at bay without endangering our health.

Catnip. This plant is an unrivalled repellent and particularly effective against flies, while repelling ants and cockroaches.

Garlic . It has a pungent odor that is practically hated by insects, which will stay away from it.

Basil . Not only useful in the kitchen, having a basil plant at home keeps flies and cockroaches away.

Laurel . Although pleasant for us, the scent of bay leaves is overwhelming for flies and cockroaches.

Lavender . Not only is it beautiful and produces lovely flowers, but lavender is an excellent natural repellent that will keep cockroaches and flies away.

Cucumber . Put a few slices of cucumber in the entry points of cockroaches or ants, and you’ll see how it keeps them away.