Poinsettia, never water it at this time: if you do, it rots after 4 days.

Do you have a poinsettia at home? It is important never to water it at this time because it risks rotting after only 4 days.

watering poinsettia
This is the time to show off the poinsettia, not only because it is considered one of the most beautiful plants at this time of year, but also because it brings joy and luck. The poinsettia has very ancient origins and is always a popular gift, especially at Christmas.


Its red leaves enchant and its small yellow flowers embellish and color the environment. It is important to know how best to maintain it and to pay attention to its location, as well as watering. Indeed, some times are absolutely not recommended by experts, precisely so that the plant does not rot in a few hours. But that’s not all, it is a lush plant all year round and not just at Christmas: let’s find out all the tips together.

Characteristics of the poinsettia
The poinsettia is a plant that brings joy and is offered as a symbol of affection to wish a happy new year full of positivity. This is how the poinsettia is perceived with its beautiful bright red leaves.

However, there are many people who, once they receive the poinsettia as a gift, are unable to maintain it. The poinsettia does not require much care, but there are some rules that should never be left to chance or ignored.

Poinsettia at home
The first thing a nurseryman asks is to pay attention to the roots, that they are always healthy and strong. Then the leaves should be bright green, never dull or bland. Without forgetting the buds, which must be fresh and shiny. Added to all this is a very important step, namely watering and when it should be done. There are indeed times when it is better not to water this plant, so that it does not rot in a short time.

Poinsettia, never water at this time

As we have said, nurserymen require that the plant in question follow certain basic rules so that it flourishes throughout the year. Its branches are always very strong, which is why they should never tend to break.

The ideal is to expose it 12 hours a day to indirect sunlight, so that the leaves acquire their usual bright red color. The soil should never be dry, but moist. Experts recommend placing a container filled with water under the pot to give it vitality and best nourish the plant.

Watering the poinsettia
The real secret of a colorful, healthy and beautiful plant is certainly the watering rhythm. Experts advise never to water at lunchtime or in the afternoon, as the water will immediately evaporate and the plant will dry out.

It is best to water early in the morning or in the evening after 7 p.m. in order to properly nourish and hydrate the poinsettia.

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