Poinsettia, the best position in the house: here it flowers very well

Poinsettia lovers? You may not know it but at home it is the best position to make it flourish: it becomes beautiful.

poinsettia house

The  poinsettia  is certainly one of the traditional plants, among the best that can be found during the holiday season. It’s a welcome gift, with bright, brilliant colors and impeccable style. Even those with a green thumb always wonder what the ideal position is in their home, so that it flowers all year round and grows healthy. You have to be careful, but with a few simple steps you can have a flawless Poinsettia for the whole year. Let’s find out together how to do it?

Poinsettia: history and tradition

The botanical name is Euphorbia pulcherrima but we all know it as the Christmas star. With its beautiful  bright red color  which contrasts with the bright green of the leaves. Almost no one knows that it is native to Mexico and if left in the wild it can grow up to 3 meters tall. Here in Italy it is a symbol of the  Christmas tradition  , ideal for warming the house with its color or as a gift with meaning that brings back friendship or as a good luck charm for the new year. Its name comes from tradition, in fact since the end of the 19th century it has always been the official gift  of American ambassadors  and then this custom gradually spread.

Holiday Gift

Its red leaves and elegant shape were then linked to Christmas and tradition, not only here in our country but in all parts of the world. The stars are not flowers, but leaves of the plant itself which turn  dark red during the winter. The  real flower is called Ciazo  and it is the yellow gem that we see, without petals and which forms among the red leaves during the cold of winter. Unlike many other plants, the poinsettia is born and grows in mountainous places where there are sudden temperature changes and a temperate climate.

Red poinsettia leaves

This plant cannot withstand temperatures not exceeding 12°C, which is why it is very important that it has a correct position inside the house, especially during  the cold season. It is certainly a very special plant and is linked to many Mexican and non-Mexican legends. The most famous accompanies the  tradition of giving  before Christmas: in fact, it is said that it is a way of opening the hearts of the saddest and most closed people, rediscovering love and kindness for others.

Where to place the Christmas star at home?

As expected, this  typical Christmas plant  should be placed inside the rooms of the house during the winter. It is important that it is not placed near heat sources, but in a bright environment with a temperature not falling below 15/20°C. During the holidays it can be  placed in the living room  , trying to give it the brightest corner of the whole room (perhaps in front of the window). Beware of cold currents and humidity, never making it miss a good daily watering so that its leaves are always bright and not stained. The plant should never be placed in a transit area. Although it seems sturdy, in reality its  leaves are fragile  and with the passage of people or four-legged friends, they could detach from the base and ruin its perfect foliage.

Christmas star

Immediately after the holidays its ideal position is in a cool and airy place while in spring it can be moved to the balcony or garden. It likes bright areas, but not direct sun and drafts. From October, the beautiful plant with its unique flowering will be  relocated inside the house.