Possible presence of tricyclazole in rice, rectification in accordance with art. 8 Law 17/1948

Contaminated rice recalled: manufacturer’s correction released. 

With reference to the article published on the Nanopress.it website, on January 25, 2023, we publish the Rectification – in accordance with art. 8 Law no. 47/1948 – on behalf of Curti srl, rice producing company withdrawn due to the possible presence of tricyclazole.

The rectification of Curti srl

In recent weeks, some media outlets have published information about recalls and withdrawals of our lots of Vialone Nano rice operated by Curti Srl due to the possible presence of tricyclazole.
Some of the published articles seem inaccurate while others may cause concern, Curti Srl considers it appropriate to clarify
by an
accredited laboratory the presence of
tricyclazole was detected in certain batches of Vialone Nano rice;
– Having had the analyzes available, and thanks to the monitoring/traceability system for each batch with which the company is equipped, verified that part of the batches had already been delivered
for distribution, as a precaution and as an absolute guarantee of
food safety. consumption, Curti Srl voluntarily ordered the
corresponding withdrawals and withdrawals from the market and simultaneously informed the competent authorities for the initiation of
alert and control activities;
– At the same time, given that the possible presence of tricyclazole depends exclusively on its
use in the rice cultivation phase by the farmer, Curti Srl
immediately challenged the circumstance to the supplier of the Vialone Nano paddy rice batches from which it
comes The rice subject to voluntary withdrawal and withdrawal was obtained, launching the
consequent initiatives.

Considering that the alert issued by the Authorities comes precisely from the observation made by Curti Srl at the end of the quality control activity that it systematically operates – a control activity whose usefulness and effectiveness are confirmed without ambiguity by the episode in question – and that, even in the face of any prescription from the Authority, even at the risk of the protest that could arise from it, Curti Srl immediately initiated the voluntary preventive withdrawal of the distributed lots.