Pour rice water or put rice at the feet of zucchini, what to do for a plentiful harvest?

Aren’t your zucchini getting bigger? Resolutely easy to grow, these vegetables require a lot of attention and maintenance, especially if you want to enjoy a bountiful harvest. To have beautiful, delicious courgettes this summer, it is essential to use good natural fertilizers. In this context, did you know that rice can work wonders on your plants? An excellent natural fertilizer, it provides essential nutrients to your cucurbits so that they develop fully without rotting or being attacked by pests. Furthermore, it is available in every pantry. How to use it to increase vegetables? Place rice grains at the foot of the courgettes or opt for rice rinse water instead? Let’s explain!

How to increase the growth of courgettes?

How to use rice as fertilizer for plants? There are two variations. You can use rice grains as a background fertilizer or turn them into  rinse water  to pour directly at the feet of vegetables to make them grow faster. In short, rice is an excellent slow-release fertilizer for healthy, vigorous plants. In fact, it is an inexhaustible mine of vitamins, calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, fiber and amino acids. What about starch, is it good for plants? Rich in this complex carbohydrate, rice contributes greatly to plant growth and therefore to the yield of your vegetable garden. Once digested, it turns into a reservoir of energy that doubles the yield. In our article of the day, we will tell you about these few foolproof ways of using rice to have lots of courgettes this summer. So, give it a try!

Place the rice at the foot of the courgettes

To put this method into practice, nothing could be easier. It is enough to take a few spoons of rice grains, find them in the pantry, bury them at the foot of the zucchini and then water. Once in contact with water, the starch comes out providing energy to the courgettes or houseplants. Yes, you can also put rice in your flower pots. In addition to being an excellent fertilizer, rice also promotes drainage. Be careful, however, we remind you that it is a slow-release natural fertilizer. This method should therefore be performed once every two months, at most.

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Season the courgettes with rice water

To enjoy rice as a quick-release natural fertilizer, consider rice water. To increase your cucurbits, use it once every 2-3 weeks. How to prepare it? There are a few options for getting the most out of it in the vegetable garden. The first and most suitable for growing zucchini is to mix three tablespoons of rice grains and two tablespoons of activated carbon in the food processor. Once the ingredients have been crushed, pour in 1 liter of non-limestone water and mix again. Pour the liquid directly at the feet of your courgettes. Of course, you can remove the activated charcoal and simply ferment the rice grains in a good amount of water. That’s how!

Comment prepare the eau de riz to blush your courgettes?

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The eau de cuisson du riz is very easy to make. The simplest method is to rinse 1/2 cups of hair and leave it in a bowl with two cups of matching water for 30 minutes. Inside, filter the fermented water into your own container. Do not disinfect your contents with vinaigrette or isopropyl alcohol to ensure that all containers are free of germs. Recover the container of a cotton tissue fixed with an elastic band, in veil so that the air passes through. Put it outside, never go to the sun directly, and leave it alone for two days.

Ensuite, take the preparation and pour it into a new container. Refill with a part of the eau de riz and some parts of the lait. Couvrez d’un fabric en coton et placez-le abri de lumière du soleil penantant une week. Separate the liquid, called lactobacille, from the container and store it in a hermetic container. To make the eau de riz fermentée even more effective, add 1 cuillère à café de sucre. Use it to roast your tomatoes, combine, seasonings or encore your plants with flowers. Certain gardeners are used as a natural cleaner to eliminate the herbal growths in the garden.

Eau de riz et œuf – another engrais parfait pour vos courgettes

Pour rice water or place rice grains at the foot of the courgettes for a plentiful harvest tips natural fertilizer organic garden

This natural rice-based fertilizer is prepared with:

  • 3 tablespoons of rice grains
  • 1 whole egg in the shell
  • 2 l of non-calcareous water

Mix all the ingredients together and let the rice water ferment for 6 to 12 hours. Then filter it and pour it into a bottle or other container filled with 1 liter of water. Use to water the roots of your zucchini. Guarantee of a healthy and abundant harvest!

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