Pour the Coca Cola down the toilet and leave it overnight: in the morning it will be new to you

Bathroom cleaning

Coca Cola has many cleansing properties , which can be used daily to achieve great results on multiple occasions.

Coca Cola, what you need to know about the drink most loved by young people

No other chemical or natural product is capable of giving the same results as Coca at home. All this is thanks to the phosphoric acid contained in the drink, which gives it a pH of 2.4. This value is between that of gastric juice, which stops at 1.5, and that of vinegar, which corresponds to 3. 

This allows us to dispel the myth according to which the drink is one of the most harmful exist  for the digestive system. Obviously it’s bad for you anyway, because it contains a lot of sugars. It is especially harmful if it is included in a diet already rich in sugar, such as that of young people. In this case, in fact, it is capable of causing diabetes.

How to clean the bathroom with Coca Cola

In any case, Coca Cola should never be missing at home , not to be consumed at the table during meals, but for very special occasions. more important. Let’s see how coca can be used as a detergent, to clean the toilet.

We often buy very expensive products, disinfectants , that promise incredible results, but in reality neither They don’t even manage to remove the encrustations . Coca, for its part, manages to purify the toilet by eliminating germs and bacteria of any kind, in just one night.

Pour approximately 240-480 ml of drink directly into the toilet bowl . It is also dropped along the internal walls, to ensure that it also flows over the stains located below the water surface . In the end you must make sure that all the liquid has reached the bottom of the glass. A light layer remains in contact with the limestone .

Normally the most difficult points to reach are those that are very high. That is why it is necessary to take an old cloth and wet it with Coca Cola, to apply it well and carefully. Alternatively, you can buy a spray so you can apply it without getting your hands dirty.

The drink should act for an hour, even better if it lasts all night. Once the time has passed, flush the toilet. The stains should have disappeared by now. If they remain, repeat the procedure at least one more time . The result will be excellent, the bathroom will shine.

Other uses of Coca Cola in cooking

Coca Cola can also be useful when washing dishes , it has an excellent degreasing action that allows you to clean the dishes as best as possible. plates and pots. It is considered the best solution for removing the most stubborn dirt , for example from the bottom of the pan.

Alternatively, it can be poured into rusty taps  . Simply pour a few drops onto an aluminum sheet and then rub it to completely remove all traces of rust. If there is a lot of rust, simply dip the affected part directly into Coca Cola and let it sit overnight.

After rinsing it well with cold water, the faucet will be clean again , practically like new, simply by wiping it with an abrasive kitchen sponge.< /span>

Coca for clothes and grease stains.

But it doesn’t end there because the drink is also useful as a stain remover , it can replace any product indicated for stains on clothes. It can remove grease stains from clothing. Just spray a few drops on the part to be removed or degreased and then wash.

It has happened to you at least once in your life that you find gum stuck under your shoes or on your pants , you try many remedies and in the end you throw in the towel because it seems impossible to get rid of it. The iron, the hot water, the cold water, the sponge, nothing works.

Coca Cola-donna.nanopress.it Here is the final solution, wet the affected part with Coca , then wait half an hour and try remove everything with a sponge. Those who have a lot of cutlery at home or a lot of jewelry that has lost its shine over the years can also use it to give light and make everything shine again as before. You put a little coke on a cloth and then you rub it on the jewelry or cutlery, that’s all.