Pour vinegar into the toilet tank and see what happens.

Limescale is the bathroom’s worst enemy. It can penetrate the room and leave almost white spots on the toilets, especially on sinks, shower stalls, toilets and cisterns. To remove limescale stains, it is not necessary to resort to the usual chemical products.

If you want to protect your health and the environment, the ideal solution is to use only natural products. Who hasn’t heard of the ingenious uses of vinegar when cleaning the house? It is the main ingredient of this trick to remove limescale deposits accumulated in the toilet cistern.

Why does limescale form?

Lime is an element normally found in hard water. It forms in the form of limescale deposits when the water evaporates. That’s why it sticks to faucets, sinks, shower stalls and toilets. A high lime content can have negative effects on everyday life. Limescale can damage pipes and taps. It also reduces the pressure of the water and prevents it from flowing normally. If your toilet is affected by this limescale problem, here is a very effective trick to descale the cistern and toilet bowl.

Pour vinegar into the toilet tank. The effect is amazing.

To put an end to limescale invasion in your toilet, you don’t have to buy expensive and harmful chemicals. All you have to do is get a bottle of vinegar, an infallible weapon to remove limescale from the toilet cistern.

What you need

A pair of household gloves

A long-handled cleaning brush

A sponge

A bottle of white vinegar

How it goes?

First, flush the toilet and close the faucet to turn off the water supply.

Take a spray bottle and pour half a bottle of white vinegar into it.

Spray it on the inside walls of the cistern and bowl.

Leave it on for about two hours.

Next, scrub the tank and bowl with the brush to remove any dirt.

Now open the tap to fill and flush the cistern.

This white vinegar method will remove all limescale deposits from the toilet. Done once a month, it also eliminates bad odors.