Let’s face it, not everyone likes ironing. So if you can find a way to avoid it, why not? They will say it doesn’t exist, and yes, it does exist. Here is the method to avoid ironing and save a lot of time. .

Some people find ironing relaxing , a moment they can dedicate to themselves, but let’s face it, most people hate ironing. Perhaps it is the most hated household chore, especially in summer when temperatures rise and the steam from the iron is not enough.

But how can you not iron your clothes and keep them presentable? There are methods to save time that will be very useful to you. Here are what they are.

How to avoid ironing: methods you will never do without
Ironing is a word that many people hate: the thought of having to come home from work for hours to iron clothes or wasting an entire weekend making piles of clothes look presentable is of course not at all appealing.

Many people can’t stand it. The ironing board and iron are perhaps the most hated household items in the home, despite being some of the most useful things there can be.

However, it must be said that cleanly ironed items of clothing are best. How can you achieve this without using the iron?

First of all, you need to know what you are buying and choose the fabrics of your clothes carefully : jeans and stretch sweaters, for example, are certainly easier to keep in order without ironing. For example, if you choose linen clothing, the situation becomes more complicated.

But choosing a suitable machine wash option is a first step for garments with problematic fabrics. In fact, it is necessary to choose a short cycle with a low spin setting so that the laundry does not wrinkle excessively.


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Do not overfill the washing machine to prevent the laundry from clumping together. Remove the laundry from the drum immediately after washing to hang it up as quickly as possible.

Then, instead of fabric softener, you can add apple cider vinegar , which softens the textiles and makes them as smooth as possible after laying them out in the sun.

Other allies for not ironing
Washing and choosing clothes are the first steps to avoid over-ironing, but there are also other tools at home to avoid ironing.

Think of the dryer , a great friend of those who hate the iron. Drying your clothes in it actually ensures that everything dries without wrinkles and stains, and greatly reduces the chances of you having to iron.

If you don’t have a dryer, the way you hang your clothes is important. In fact , when hanging it is necessary to be careful , touching the clothes gently and distributing them well with your hands to prevent them from creasing excessively.

Then remove everything as soon as it is dry, without letting hours or even days pass. This ensures that the clothes, tablecloths and anything else you have washed do not air dry and are still soft enough.

Then it’s time to fold the washed items: a very important step that should not be taken lightly. Actually put everything on a table and fold the garments one by one, giving the sleeves, pockets and hems a good tug. .

Next, if you want, place a heavy book in the closet or drawers on top of the folded clothes to help you iron them even better.