Put a bowl of vinegar in the oven – you will get rid of this problem forever

We like to use the oven because we can use it to prepare dishes quickly without the dishes or the hob getting too dirty. This does not prevent the accumulation of dirt and bad smells!
Very often, after constant and daily use, unpleasant smells remain in the oven, which are due to insidious stains that you do not remove or that you didn’t even notice!

To prevent your oven from smelling bad and preventing all those odors from accumulating, it is important to clean it properly.

Of course, there are several natural remedies to keep your oven smelling great and looking like new.

Discover these 4 very effective tips to eliminate bad oven smells instantly!

Clean the oven
The bowl trick is one of the most popular and widely used methods, not only to say goodbye to bad smells in the oven, but also to soften crusts that then build up solve in a short time. Kill two birds with one stone!

This trick can be used with different ingredients:

The Lemon Peel Trick
The first method is to use that essential citrus fruit that you probably already have at home: lemon. Lemon is both a spice and a home cleaning agent and has unexpected stain-removing and degreasing properties. Here’s how you can make your own natural dishwashing liquid. As a bonus, bad oven smells will just be a bad memory with this delicate lemon scent!

In the oven, simply fill a bowl with hot water and place a slice of lemon in it. Place the bowl in the preheated oven and let it rest at 180 degrees for ten minutes.

Then remove the bowl and you will soon smell a great smell! Once the oven has cooled, wipe it down with a cloth to remove any remaining drops of steam.

Apple cider vinegar
The vinegar peel trick
Another way to eliminate bad smells is the vinegar peel method! Of course, this trick won’t make your oven smell like lemon, but it’s great for those strong, lingering bad smells.

All you have to do is fill the bowl with water and add two glasses of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. Always bake in a preheated oven and let it rest for a few minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees.

After this time has passed, follow the same steps described for the lemon peel method. If you need to clean the oven, you can use the mixture left in the bowl. In fact, vinegar has incredible cleaning, degreasing and whitening properties. You can say goodbye to all dirty stains!

Sodium bicarbonate
The baking soda bowl trick
The baking soda bowl method is just as great as vinegar and will make your life easier! Thanks to its long list of cleaning and stain-removing properties, sodium bicarbonate is the perfect weapon for eliminating bad oven smells and grease stains that can build up there.

To use it, you can follow the same instructions as the two tips above and add one and a half glasses of baking soda to the bowl!

The casserole method
In addition to the various bowl tricks, you can also use the pan method!

As already mentioned, the bowl trick is also very suitable for loosening dirt in the oven. When it comes to the pan, special care must be taken to ensure that too many bad smells do not accumulate in the oven. After cleaning it can then be used again!

The procedure is quick and easy: First take the tin out of the oven and cover it with baking paper, then cut off the lemon and orange slices and distribute them on top. If you like the scent, you can also use bay leaves as an alternative.

Place them in the preheated oven at 180° and let them rest for at least 15/20 minutes. During this time, citrus slices or bay leaves give off a very pleasant aroma that not only stays in the oven, but is sure to spread throughout the house!

Please remember not to use the ingredients described if you have allergies or hypersensitivities. Also, always read the operating instructions for your oven.