Put a handful of pepper outside the house, and what happens: many do.

What’s the point of putting a handful of pepper outside the house? This is what the experts are now doing.

Pepper in front of the door
A nice handful of pepper in front of the house to counter a small problem, but without doing any harm. This is a method put in place by some experts, following reports and requests for help from some users. This small gesture makes it possible to stem certain visits, but always with respect for the person. So what is it for? Let’s specify it.

Pepper outside the house: why does everyone do it?
The pepper outside the house is set up to keep stray cats or cats out of their house away. This is a method that, according to experts, is not harmful and can keep cats away without any problem.

Many cats inhabit the cities, especially in the spring. Some are wanderers and go about their business, while others like to wander around a bit and then return home. They don’t cause any nuisance or damage, but they do occasionally come into conflict with other four-legged friends in the house or leave their necessities on the doorstep. There are also the clever ones who look for food or who damage the garden by digging the soil from the plants.

pepper out of the house
Black pepper is one solution among others to keep them away. It is a natural repellent that annoys the kitten: when he sniffs it, he begins to sneeze and its smell is so pungent that he runs away. Moreover, frightened by this smell, he will no longer show himself.

Other Methods to Keep Stray Cats Away
Cats crave food and companionship, especially stray cats. Often in packs or ready to fight for their place, they can clash – as expected – with other animals in the house. In any case, it is possible to keep them away, but with respectful methods that do not harm them.

The first thing to do is not to leave trash bags lying around, especially wet ones. Cats forage for food at night and are able to open the bags and feed on what they find there.

Not everyone knows this, but if you put citrus peel inside the bag of wet food, cats will keep away. This trick can also be used in the garden or by rubbing bark on pots so they can’t get near it.

stray cat
Still in terms of olfactory repellents, lavender, and thyme can repel stray cats. These are beautiful plants with an unmistakable aroma, but for kittens, it is an annoying smell. The same goes for coffee, which smells very pungent to them, so much so that they run away in an instant never to return. In summary, to scare away a stray cat, you need not only pepper outside the house but also other objects with an unpleasant and peculiar smell.

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