Put a tea bag in the fridge overnight – here’s why you should do that

The most consumed drink in the world is tea, after water of course! And there are so many reasons to love it, but it will also save you from a big problem.

Tea bags in the fridge

A cup of hot tea can boost your immune system, help you fall asleep, or wake you up… the list is truly endless. But have you ever wondered what you can do with the leftover tea bags after drinking tea? We may have a habit of storing food in the refrigerator incorrectly. Plastic containers, bags, cheese and sausages are items that mold and become covered in a smelly white layer. Storing food in the refrigerator for a long time in this way creates an unpleasant smell. But how does the tea bag help us solve this problem?

What to do with the used tea bag?

Thanks to the natural properties of herbs, tea bags are effective both in and out of the cup. So don’t throw them away because there are many ways to reuse them! Unpleasant refrigerator smells are a big problem in the kitchen. So how to deal with this situation? Maybe you’re used to using baking soda to deodorize, but did you know that tea can serve the same purpose? When you place a used tea bag in the refrigerator, the herbal leaves absorb odors and leave a fresh aroma. This is due to the antibacterial properties of the tea, which fights potentially pathogenic bacteria and germs in a simple and ecological way.


What you need to do: Take a used tea bag and let it dry completely. Then place it on a saucer or in a cup in a central location in your refrigerator. You can also hang it up. If your refrigerator is particularly large or there is a very strong smell, you can use multiple tea bags. For maximum odor control, replace bags every few days. If you use this unusual trick every day, your refrigerator will always smell good!

Why does the refrigerator smell bad?

Unfortunately, we have a habit of storing food in the refrigerator incorrectly, which can lead to a bad smell. The food in the refrigerator, together with the humidity, creates a perfect environment for mold and bacteria. No panic! Find the source of the bad smell and throw it away. And next time, remember to put your food in an airtight box or container before putting it in the fridge. Another reason could be the presence of foods with a strong natural smell, such as onions and garlic. In this case, they should not be thrown away, but should simply neutralize the smell.

How do you use used tea bags? Other ideas to try

Now that you know that tea bags can mask bad smells, you can get creative and try them out in different places around your home.

Bad smells in the refrigerator

We give you some ideas: put a used tea bag in your cat’s litter box, hang it on the hamster’s cage or put it in the bottom of the trash can. Used tea bags can also be used in clothing drawers or to treat smelly shoes. Remember that tea bags should always be completely dry before use.