Put a tennis ball in the washing machine and you will get a sensational result.

Did you know that it’s unthinkable what will happen if you put a tennis ball in the washing machine? You have to try this out right away.

When you use your washing machine every day, you always expect perfect laundry. However, over time your device will be put to the test, especially if you neglect maintenance.

In addition to replacing the various parts, you can also try this method, which not many people know about. The idea is to put a tennis ball in the washing machine to achieve a spectacular effect. You can find all the details here.

Washing machine: how to use it correctly?

Many people have given up washing clothes by hand and now use washing machines. These more modern machines can wash and disinfect multiple items of clothing at the same time without damaging the textile fibers. However, you must use them correctly to avoid wasting electricity and increasing the bill at the end of the month.

When you use a washing machine, you should always pay attention to its cleaning and maintenance. One of the experts’ advice is to take off clothes immediately after washing to avoid bad smells and moisture in the washing machine.

To solve all these problems, it is enough to use a new tennis ball and place it directly in the basket. Why do it?

Tennis balls in the washing machine – it doesn’t work without them!

Have you ever heard of this amazing trick that involves placing a simple tennis ball in the washing machine drum? It’s very strange but very useful. I’m sure you’ll take it.

Before washing clothes, place one or more clean tennis balls in the washing machine. It is a very useful practice.

  • The ball increases the efficiency of the washing machine when washing
  • Neutralizes all traces of detergent and fabric softener
  • It is good for the environment as it pollutes less and reduces energy consumption.

All you need is two new tennis balls in the basket. This reduces the amount of detergent and fabric softener used by 20%.

Also remember to change the balls every two to three washes as they could damage the washing machine and clothes in the long run.

If you want to use these balls, choose dark clothing, as light colors can easily cause staining from these items that end up all over the drum during washing.