Put rice in the pantry at night? The little-known but useful trick

Rice is not only an excellent food that allows you to prepare delicious dishes, both in winter and summer, but something more.

It can be useful at home, on a thousand occasions,   it is a remedy against wrinkles   , in fact it can be used to prepare a multitude of facial masks, along with other natural ingredients.

Or, it’s great as   a grandma’s trick   , to get rid of bad odors from drawers and cabinets, keeping clothes fresh, fragrant, and tasting clean.

Wet closets and expensive but useless solutions

The   closets   in any house remain closed for days, opening only to find what is needed to get out and closing immediately afterwards. Due to lack of air renewal, any closed furniture tends   to impregnate what it contains   with an unpleasant odor, vaguely reminiscent   of the smell of mold.

Even new clothes can smell bad and   create downright embarrassing situations   . Usually the solution that comes to mind is sachets and   cabinet fragrances. Yes, it is true that they fix the situation, but only momentarily, because as soon as they release the good smell and its effect wears off, the stench returns to where it was and you find yourself back to back.

Rice as a comprehensive solution to humidity and bad smell

But no problem, no fear, you can say   goodbye to this problem once and for all   , the bad smell is gone and you don’t even have to spend money. The clothes, from this moment on, will smell and not thanks to the scented bags, but to the rice. Strangely enough, it is.

Rice is even a lifesaver for a mobile phone   that falls into the water, since its properties allow it to absorb water and break as soon as possible. Beyond that,   it acts as a dehumidifier and separates the moisture   present in the air.

So, get  simple canvas bags that close with a drawstring or a bowl that can be placed in the back of the closet where there is space.

How to arrange rice inside the cupboard to eliminate humidity

Inside some organza bags, put a maximum of 40 grams of rice grains. The amount of rice changes depending on the size of the room to be dehumidified. The bags can be placed   between hangers   instead of perfume racks, or between laundry.

While the bowl, to prevent it from accidentally falling, should be placed in a sheltered corner. Once you follow the advice, you will be able to see the effects within a few days, even a few will be enough for the bad smell to disappear completely.

It is advisable   to change the rice from the bowl or bags within a   maximum period of 15 days, since having absorbed the moisture its action will slow down considerably.

Prevention, such as avoiding moisture buildup in cabinets

So now we know that the   solution to closet moisture   is here, but that doesn’t mean giving up the   worst habits. To avoid the formation of humidity inside the closets, it is advisable to let the clothes dry before storing them inside. The same for towels and sheets.

You should never put dirty things   or sweat-soaked shoes inside the closets   . These release bad odors that wood easily absorbs and contribute, even worse, to the   proliferation of fungi and molds. It is also advisable to leave the doors open, at least a few hours a day, to facilitate air exchange.