Putting a plastic bag over the broom will make the floor ten times cleaner!

Every day we do everything necessary and sometimes even the impossible to keep our homes clean and comfortable. That’s why, when we have some time, we even clean all surfaces in the house once a week to leave them spotless. However, excess dust and dirt must first be removed.

What happens if you put a plastic bag on your broom? They can put an end to a problem you often encounter when cleaning.

Broom: Do you know the pocket method?

The floor is one of the surfaces in the household that gets dirty quickly. However, cleaning depends on the type of floor, which varies depending on the floor. Parquet and wooden floors, for example, require special cleaning products. Marble or granite floors, on the other hand, can be cleaned with commercially available products or with natural ingredients for polishing.

Baking soda and salt are at the top of the list of natural products. When you mix these two ingredients with hot water, you get an exceptional cleaning and stain removal product. It can make your floor super shiny in just one step.

How do you use the stock market trick?

Before cleaning the floor, I recommend that you first vacuum it to remove dust and other dirt. However, if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, a simple broom will do.

However, you will notice that with your traditional broom all the dirt often gets stuck in the bristles. And this is where the pocket method comes into play to put an end to this little inconvenience.

To do this, take the plastic bag and attach it to the part of the broom with the bristles. Then start cleaning the floor as usual. You will see that the dirt does not stick to the bristles and remains on the floor. Then all you have to do is take the shovel and remove all the dirt.

When you remove the plastic bag from the broom, you will be happy to have clean bristles with no dirt trapped in them. You just have to try this housewife’s favorite trick.