Quickly multiplying rosemary – tips and tricks !

Rosemary is one of the most widely used herbs in the kitchen, but it also has many health benefits and is an ideal ingredient for herbal teas, oils and tinctures. Precisely because of its benefits, rosemary is an ingredient we should always have in our home. Adding rosemary is very easy. Indeed, rosemary can be produced by cuttings, that is to say solid and whole plant.

Doing this process at home is very simple and we explain it step by step:

Cut 15 centimeters diagonally from the rosemary sprig and remove the leaves from its base.

Fill the glass with water and place the sprig in it. Let it soak overnight.

Place the glass with the plant near the window, in a place in the house that is not too cold.

If you notice the water evaporating during the process, add more water at room temperature.

One week later, the first roots have already formed.

When the roots are well formed (about 3 weeks later), the rosemary is ready to be potted with soil.

Put the fertilizer in the pot, make a hole in the middle and insert a branch.

For the first week, water every 2-3 days. Remember that rosemary suffers from too much water.

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