Reproduce roses easily and with amazing results!

Reproducing roses: with the arrival of spring, the first rose buds begin to appear, and you’re sure to find some roses in the garden more beautiful than others. If you want to select them for cultivation and create other flowerbeds or a real rose garden, what we’re going to show you is a very simple method.

As we’ve said, the best time to plant roses is in spring, generally in May and early June. They’re beautiful flowers, loved by many and quite simple to grow, so with the method we’re going to show you, we can save money by not having to buy new plants. All we need is a potato and powdered cinnamon.

You may be wondering how to proceed? Nothing complicated: insert the stem of the bud you’ve chosen to reproduce into a potato, after protecting the base with powdered cinnamon. This simple trick will enable the rose to grow more vigorously.

Reproducing roses – here’s a simple, inexpensive way to get excellent results!

Choose rose stems the thickness of a pencil. Select the straightest stem cutting, or one with no bends, to check that the chosen cutting is ready Detach a thorn if it comes off cleanly without affecting the stem You can carry out the following operations, and I recommend that it be a young stem.


Cut approximately 20/22 cm from a branch that meets the requirements listed above (new growth from an existing rose bush). Remove the stem by making a cut at a 45-degree angle.

Reproduce the roses here’s how the freshly cut stem in cinnamon. Cinnamon contains antibacterial properties and will therefore protect your cutting from fungus and bacteria during the rooting process. Cut the potato and make a hole for the rose stem. The potato will give your rose stem the moisture and nutrients it needs to root and grow. Proceed with planting after fertilizing the home.