Rice: leave it in the bathroom overnight! You can’t imagine what’s happening.

Rice: Why leave it in the bathroom overnight?

Bathrooms can quickly go from cozy spa rooms to dirty, damp and smelly bathrooms. However, bad odors in the bathroom are not inevitable. Cleaning the room every day and adding an air freshener will give you a clean-smelling bathroom.

If you continue reading, you will discover some of the best tips for scenting your bathroom.

Use a diffuser

A diffuser is a small device that releases aromas into the air using heat, compressed air, or ultrasound. It generally uses a mixture of essential oils and its small size makes it ideal for perfuming small spaces. If you use a diffuser in the bathroom, place it at the bottom of the sink, behind the toilet, or on another surface.

It is ideal for creating a spa atmosphere during a long bath or shower. However, be careful when using diffusers around pets. Some essential oils are toxic to dogs and cats.

Scent the bathroom with scented sachets

For a long-lasting scent in your bath, purchase scented sachets filled with scent beads or a potpourri mix.

They are small and easy to carry, so you can place them in different places in the bathroom. You don’t have to worry about a large gap or spilling essential oils.

Rice: Soak in the bathtub overnight.

For a naturally scented bath, use this method by placing raw rice in a decorated container. Next, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. The most effective scents include tea tree, cinnamon, lemon or clove essential oils. Place this container filled with rice in a corner of your bathroom overnight. Eliminates unpleasant odors and leaves a fresh aroma.

This trick is also perfect for deodorizing closed spaces like dressing rooms. To do this, just put three-four tablespoons of raw rice in a tulle bag. After adding a few drops of lavender essential oil, hang it in the closet.