Rituals with laurel to attract luck and prosperity

If you are looking to ward off negative energy from your home , perhaps attracting positivity, prosperity and luck , laurel is definitely the plant for you.


Widely used in cooking and known for its digestive, expectorant and anti-inflammatory properties, laurel has energetic powers associated with abundance and for this reason it is widely used in lucky rituals.

The Greeks and Romans associated success with laurel, and used it in the crowns of emperors to distinguish their victories and their greatness. They believed, among other things, that the aroma of bay leaves helped them make better decisions.

In the world of esotericism, laurel has protective properties and is worn as an amulet against negative energies.

Laurel under the bed : for this simple ritual just place a few bay leaves under the bed, on the side you sleep on. This must be done every day for a month, changing the leaves once a week.

Laurel under the pillow : If you need to get answers about a profitable business or job, place three bay leaves under your pillow. This plant is believed to have the ability to stimulate “prophetic dreams”.

Laurel in your shoes : If you are trying to have better luck, attract abundance and love, place a bay leaf in your shoe. Keep your shoes clean and change the leaf regularly.

Laurel in your wallet : Place a bay leaf where you normally keep money to attract more luck and money. According to experts in esotericism, this ritual is best done on new moon nights.

Laurel to find a job : if you have a job interview do this simple ritual. On a green candle write your name and the job position you have applied for. Light the candle and place it on a plate. On its left place a handful of salt and a few grains of rice, on the right three bay leaves. Allow the candle to burn completely, then store the rice and bay leaves in a green bag to bring to the interview.

As with most esoteric rituals, there is no scientific evidence to support or confirm the effectiveness of these rituals, but it costs nothing to try.