Roses, how to plant them without roots: the 100% functional method revealed

Discover the 100% functional method to plant and beautify roses even without roots with this simple and effective technique.

For those enamored with the allure of roses, their unique fragrance and captivating hues, it’s a delight to find them gracing gardens, sometimes even without roots. Expert gardeners often recommend a particular method to consistently cultivate a garden adorned with vibrant, scented roses. While each color supposedly symbolizes a distinct emotion, let’s set that aside momentarily and delve into the art of planting roses without roots.

Roses in the garden, how to always have them beautiful?

Achieving and maintaining beautiful roses in the garden can be challenging, demanding dedication and care. Green thumbs may find joy in year-round care, but for those less acquainted with gardening intricacies, seeking guidance from an expert is advisable. Nevertheless, there exists a method that anyone can experiment with to plant roses without roots—an approach known and shared by seasoned gardeners.

Red rose

To embark on the journey of having a garden filled with fragrant and colorful roses, follow this innovative yet straightforward method. Planting roses without roots involves a step-by-step process:

garden roses
  1. Obtain a Cutting: Select a rose bush and delicately cut a branch approximately the thickness of a pencil.
  2. Thorn Removal: Use wire cutters to eliminate thorns and old leaves from the cutting.
  3. Diagonal Cut: Create a diagonal cut on the stem and check for any new shoots.
  4. Water Soak: Immerse the cutting in water to sustain its vitality.

Simultaneously, prepare a DIY greenhouse for the soil:

  1. Cut a 5-Liter Bottle: Trim a water bottle to 7cm, leaving a plastic flap for easy opening and closing.
  2. Coconut Fiber Layer: Add a layer of coconut fiber to the base of the bottle to retain humidity within the greenhouse.
  3. Aloe Vera Boost: Some gardeners suggest incorporating a small piece of aloe vera to enhance root strength and growth.
  4. Aloe Application: Rub the cutting’s base with aloe and insert it into the coconut fiber.
rose cuttings

This innovative and straightforward method facilitates the multiplication of rootless roses. Moisturize the layer and position the DIY greenhouse in a shaded area. In just 12 days, witness the first results of this unique approach to cultivating beautiful roses.