Roses infested with lice: this is the only effective ingredient to eradicate them

There are many gardening enthusiasts all over the world, taking care of plants is, in fact, not only a healthy pastime but for many also a way to reconcile with nature and make your home unique. In this context, the most loved plants could only include roses, an element capable of evolving your garden into something elegant and sophisticated .

When growing roses you can range very widely given the hundreds and hundreds of varieties that have been selected over the years, none of these, however, is exempt from being affected by a rather common disease, especially in denser rose gardens. We are talking about lice, parasites that feed on the lifeblood of these plants, making them bare and potentially leading to their death . But how can we fight this plague?

Lice in roses, don’t give up! There is a natural and super effective method to solve the problem

Roses infested with lice
sodium bicarbonate (Pixabay photo)

As often happens in the modern world when a problem afflicts us, the web has the solution and, also in this case, a video published by OHGA has struck a chord with rose garden enthusiasts , explaining a practical and economical solution, but also sustainable for the environment, to fight the parasites that infest your roses .

There is no need to resort to aggressive chemical solutions to eliminate Aphids, this is the real name of the beings that we commonly call lice, you just need to ingeniously prepare a do-it-yourself compound that will solve the problem in a few days. Furthermore, this compound can also be used for other plants often affected by the same problem, such as home lemons.

What we will need to get is simple bicarbonate of soda , a teaspoon will be enough to mix in a small bowl with about a liter of water , the solution will need to be mixed until the product is well dissolved. At this point everything will be poured into a spray bottle, even reusing one previously intended for another, as long as it is well washed.

The beauty of this solution lies precisely in its simplicity, sodium bicarbonate , in fact, is known for its fungicidal and antibacterial qualities and by spraying our plants, trying to also wet the underlying part of the leaves, where the aphids nest, we will obtain a repellent effect for these insects , especially by continuing with this treatment at least once a week.

If baking soda isn’t enough, try Marseille soap and seed oil

Roses infested with lice
Marseille soap (Pixabay photo)

In case you have reached a critical point, however, there is another natural method , namely that of using liquid Marseille soap and seed oil . In this case, in your liter of water you will have to dissolve a teaspoon of Marseille soap and one of seed oil , any type will do, after which you can proceed with spraying the plants in the same way as before.

In this case, the soap and oil will kill the lice, freeing the plant from this plague . If any residue of infestation remains, however, you can repeat the treatment every 3 days, until the aphids remain a distant memory.

Protecting roses from these tiny invaders is necessary to keep their beauty intact, preventing infestations using bicarbonate is an excellent method, in more serious cases, however, Marseille soap will be the best ally. Whichever solution you choose from these the effects will be extraordinary and above all you will have used natural methods capable of helping the environment and also your wallet.